Friday, October 31, 2008

Making Christmas Booties

I made these

Using the pattern pieces for the bootie in this.

Materials needed:
about .3 meters (or a third yard) of your outside fabric.
the same amount for the lining
a little piece of batting (or fleece)
a small piece of an anti- slip material

I had to alter the pattern because the first time I made these,they were humungus.
I photographed the pattern pieces on my cardboard cutting board so that if anyone wants to make them they can draw the pieces to scale or at least have a general idea on the size of each piece.

To determine the size to make, I layed my size 7.5 shoe onto the sole pattern piece, drew around it and cut it out. I realized I had fogotten to include a seam allowance so I glued it on white paper,and added a .25' sewm allwance.

To determine the dimensions of the boot , measure around the sole pattern piece from mid-point of toe to mid-point of heel:

The bottom of the boot will have to be the same size as this measurement.

The bottom of the cuff has to be the same size as the top of the boot. (I forgot to take a pic).

These are the pieces cut out of the outside fabric.. You will need to cut the same pieces for your lining.

The long straight piece is to make a bow. I didn't use it.

For my anti-slip material, I used the stuff you put under a mat and cut out two sole grips.

Trim away a half inch (.5") from the sole grip.

To sew the sole grip to the sole piece,you can probably use a roller foot (I don't have one for this machine ),or a walking foot but I just covered it with tissue paper and used a fairly wide zigzag stitch. I had no trouble at all with this.

Peel off the tissue. There will be little bits of paper stuck in the seams but it doesn't take long to get rid of them.

Next sew the sole to the sole liner.

Sew back and front seams of both layers of each boot.Do the same for the lining pieces.Join outside and inside layers with the wrong sides together. Stitch along the top and bottom of the boot

Pin and sew the sole to the boot with right sides together.

Turn right side out. This is what you'll have so far:

Assemble the three layers of the cuff together with right sides together and the batting on the outside.

Sew along the curved edge, then turn right side out. The batting will now be on the inside.
Baste the three layers along the straight edge.
Trim the batting close to the line of stitching but do not cut away any of the seam allowance of the lining or outside fabric.

Pin the cuff to the boot right sides together and sew.

Trim away the batting from the seam to flatten it as much as you can . With the seam flat and toward the sole of the bootie, topstitch through all thicknesses.

Add a ribbon and tie it in a bow or using the pattern piece, make your own fabric bow,and you're finished.Use your imagination and try a pair.

For many more pictures look here.


paco peralta said...

Diana .- This is an excellent job. Thanks for the tutorial. Best wishes, Paco

JuliaR said...

Cute AND practical! My favourite combination. And such a lot of helpful detail, thanks. I had not thought of using that drawer liner stuff for the anti-slip. Have you worn them much yet to determine if it is too "sticky"?

Sew Passionista said...

Julia, It is a bit sticky but not too much. There is an anti-slip material made especialy for this sort of thing but I don't know what it's called . It's quite pricey. I think I'll make these for my grandkids to go with there Christmas jammies.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Hi Diana, Very nice slippers and tutorial :) Thank you.
You made me go searching for a pair I had cut out some time ago :) I used the non slip fabric. It's not quite as sticky as the under mat fabric.
Have you made any MacPhee slippers? She comes up with the silliest slippers! but fun ones.(Pattern picture included. I'm making the ones that are similar to your style.
I've been missing you when I go into Fabricville. Maybe I'll see you this week end. Take Care.