Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Amy of Shirts and Skirts Galore left me a Friendship award the other day. Thank you so much Amy . I'm so flattered. I still think of myself as a novice in this blogging world so I'm naturally surprised you picked me.
I'm not sure how this goes but,I'm going to have a go.I'm suppose to choose 5 blogs that I love to visit,one being from another part of the world. So my friendship awards go to:

Belinda of Sew-4-Fun
Carolyn of diaryofasewingfanatic
Ann of Ann's Fashion Studio
Julia of Julia's Sewing Blog

and from Spain

Paco of Paco Peralta

I'll make a little confession here. I accidently deleted the post of the same subject that I published the other day, so I redid this. Ann had left a comment and it of course no longer appears. ( WHOOPS)


Vicki said...

All great blogs! But did you know Belinda is from Melboure (like me) - even further away from you than Paco! And I love to pop in and read your blog too :))

Sew Passionista said...

Vicki, I did know that Belinda is from Australia but I guess I didn't know you are! Since I'm from the Maritimes in eastern Canada, everyone else except a few that I know of are from other parts of the world to me! Thanks for visiting and Happy Hallowe'en

Claire S. said...

Yes, most everyone is from another part of the world...but there seems to be more and more from our little part of Eastern Canada. It really does feel like we`re part of a community.

Lisa Laree said...

Thanks for leaving a comment at Sew Random so I could find you! You've done some lovely things...I'm impressed by your daughter's red linen coat! Wonderful!!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

I knew I had left a comment :) Congratulations again :)
Happy Halloween!

paco peralta said...

Congratulations and. ... thanks for thinking of me. hugs, Paco