Thursday, November 6, 2008

SWAP 2009

I've tentatively decided to participate in SWAP (Sewing with a plan) 2009.For those of you not familiar with Swap here's a link to the topic on Stitchers Guild.

Briefly, it's a contest of sorts. It originated with Australian Stitches and was adapted by Julie of Timmel Fabrics ,an on-line fabric vendor from Halifax. Julie retired and closed her business this past summer, so Stitchers Guild has taken on the contest.

This is the 6th year for Swap.It starts now and all garments must be finished by April 30th.You have to register at SG and send in your plan or storyboard.Early in May, winners will be chosen and receive prizes that haven't, to my knowledge, been determined yet.

I wanted to join last year but I hadn't learned how to work with my pictures on the computer, so even though I actually finished the required wardrobe, I didn't enter. I'm entering this year with a reservation or two.

Each year ,participants are required to sew ,usually , four bottoms and six tops, depending on whether a dress is involved or not.The 11th garment has ,I believe, usually been a coat or jacket,but I could be wrong about that.The garments all have to mix and match.

There is always a "twist". Last year it was having to sew at least three garments from a "wardrobe " pattern. The year before it was a reversible garment.This year, we have to sew a wardrobe for a week in our "real" life. There's the rub for me. Being retired, I don't really need everyday clothes. I wanted to make garments for every situation, you know, to be ready for anything.So I'm a little disappointed with the rules.I'm posting a photo of my fabrics,most of which came from my stash, and also the items I intend to sew.

As you can see my colours are black,grey,blue with a little burgundy thrown in.I'll be sewing two pairs of jeans type pants and a pair of dress pant,one skirt,one shirt one sweater set,one lace surplice top and three tops that will be more casual.My jacket will be a grey herringbone wool Pea jacket. I also have a couple of extra items in there which will get sewn if time permits.(A blue jacket to match the blue jeans trousers to form a nice casual pantsuit, and a black jacket to match the black skirt and pants to form a dressier suit).

I have pics here to show the patterns I'll use. Nothing is written in stone so I might make changes later. There's a burgundy felted wool that I'd like to incorporate as a simple cardigan type jacket, but we'll see.

My other reservation is that I don't want to spend too much time on the computer at Stitchers Guild posting or reading everybody else's comments. I guess that's where self-discipline comes in.

Are you interested? Check out the link above. One of the really positive aspects of SWAP is the camaraderie amongst participants and others who cheer you on. It can be a lot of fun!


Claire S. said...

Good luck with the SWAP Diana...I'd love to try one. But right now I'm still working on my coat and I"m still the 'world's slowest sewist' - even with 6 months I wouldn't get 11 pieces done :-). I do like the colors and patterns you picked out - can't go wrong with that mix of color (I LOVE burgundy !)

Sew Passionista said...

Hi Claire,nice to hear from you. I like burgundy a lot. I notice there is an awful lot of grey in the stores so I wanted to use that for sure and I love the idea of a little black suit for so many different occasions. Good luck with your coat.

Vicki said...

You have some really nice garments planned for your SWAP. I'm looking forward to seeing them made up ;)

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Diana, your fabric choices are wonderful and I like your pattern picks. I won't be joining but will enjoy everyones progress :)
Have a great week end.

Shannon said...

Your plan looks great! I can't wait to see these garments made up, so hurry up and start sewing! :)

paco peralta said...

Diana. very interesting this event, really. I like their models, I love this Michael Kors jacket. I must say that I even got to buy the cloth ( mauve wool crep) and the buttons are still stored in the closet ..... Phew. will be very interesting to follow his snap.

greetings, Paco