Sunday, June 5, 2016

I'm Back With Little People Dresses

I've been away from my blog for a while even though I've been sewing lots. Again, it's the lack of  photos that got in the way.

The Sandra Betzina coat is almost finished. I think it's quite pretty but not really my style. I'll show it soon.

I've been making tops out of a beautiful rayon knit from Fabricville and that will be a post after the coat.

Today ,I want to to show you matching  dresses I made for Riley and Poppy. I just got back from Ottawa  to be with Poppy for her 4th birthday. As usual, I enjoyed every minute I spent with my two little cuties and I felt a little bereft on the plane ride home, knowing I won't see them again for two months.

For the dresses, I used a piece of poplin  and a red cotton knit that were a perfect match  from my stash. I designed the dresses myself.

For the patterns for each  , I used an old  , multi -size, child's pattern   from which I copied the  shoulder and armscye. From there ,I drafted an A-line silhouette.  Using this "master pattern", I then added the design lines. I flared out the dresses from the neckline to hem and from the curve (pockets areas) to hem. The back of the dresses are the original A-line. I added pocket bags to the side pieces and facings the shape of the pockets to form the pockets.

To sew, I gathered the neckline and curved pocket areas to conform to the front of the master pattern.
I added neck and sarmhole bidings to finish them off.                                

                                     On our way to get pizza and yes they are the best of friends!

                                                               At the Birthday Party


The little girls loved their dresses which  were a hit everywhere they went. I'm planning more dresses in the near future because Riley and Poppy wore them three of the five days I was with them. Now that's what I call appreciation.

I hope you're having lovely weather where you are and are sewing up a fun summer wardrobe1

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Eileensews said...

Super cute girls and dresses!!!!!!

Coco said...

So so cute - the dresses and the girls! Charming little dresses, what fun to design and make them. Thks for sharing!

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Such cute dresses and adorable models. My grand daughter, also called Poppi (spelt differently) turned 4 today and I don't get to see her very often either because they live a six hour drive away. It must be so wonderful to know that your sewing is so appreciated.

J Alexander said...

Beautiful dresses! You were creative when we took Sandra Betzina's class together many years ago and you continue to amaze and inspire me through your posts. I am sure it is a lot of work but I hope you will continue to post and share your beautiful garments.

Jenny said...

Super cute!

Sandy in CA said...

Such cute dresses!

Sharon said...

Gorgeous dresses for your granddaughters.