Saturday, July 14, 2012

A story in Purple

My husband and I have been married for 14 years, a second marriage for both of us.
We have a lot in common and one of the things is that we never remember our anniversary, sometimes until months later. It's a good thing we both forget isn't it.

 Last month Bob was away on hockey business and when the day of our anniversary arrived, I remembered and E-mailed him first thing in the morning,much to his surprise. When he arrived home a few days later he surprised me with this beautiful amethyst  ( my birthstone) bracelet. I was thrilled !

I don't have anything purple in my summer wardrobe except a skirt so I haven't worn my bracelet a lot which my husband has been quick to notice. Well, I had to remedy that.

First , I bought this great cardi at a hotel where we were staying  in Halifax.The skirt (a heavy ponte) and top ( a ribbed sweater knit ) are two pieces I made this spring. I like how they look with the cardi and of course the bracelet.

Next, I had to buy some purple fabric!!! Don't you love it when you genuinely  need fabric!!!

Firs,I made a top using S6619 View A but with short sleeves.

Here it is paired with a purple skirt made years ago but that I still love.

                                     A detail shot of the interesting shirring

The fabric is a soft organic cotton spandex and is a perfect match in colour for the skirt.

This top is very fitted and I was glad of the extra inch I added to the side seams which I needed.
The neckline is very low and open ( I didn't make a muslin). I of course need a cami underneath.
This is a once and only for this one. Again, not my best look.

The next piece is a second version of Silhouette's Giorgio's Top. Here is my first version.

I changed it up this time with the 3/4 sleeves and the angled sides.

The fabric is a very lightweight almost sheer cotton knit. It's too light really and I wish I had made it into a wrap instead. It doesn't hang well.

And last of all, I made this very simple princess seamed dress using S1883.

The fabric is a rayon jacquard. I decided not to line it so as to keep it as cool as possible  to wear in  hot summer weather.

 Because I didn't like the neckline , I decided to add large sew on beads. I'm not sure if that helped but it is what it is.

Comments on this pattern: 

1. The sizing is accurate I cut my usual size 12  with side seams at size 14 and I didn't need the extra. Of course I made my Full Bust Adjustment as I do for all patterns.

2. The armscyye is a bit too roomy and low. I'd at least raise them an extra 1/2 inch s next time.

3. The V-neck is the opposite of too low, ie. it's a bit too high.

4.The princess lines of this dress give it a pleasing silhouette and skims nicely over the body.

5. The length is just right (at about mid knee) on my 5'4 1/2 " frame with a 1 1/4 " hem..

6.. Yes I would make it again but would change the neckline as well as raise the armscye.

I'm going to enjoy having this dress to wear on hot days when dresses are the most comfortable garments.

I wore it last night when we had guests for dinner.

More pics here.   
Hope you had time to sew today!
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pdiddly said...

how funny you both forget your anniversary but what a lovely surprise that he got such a lovely gift.

I think of all your outfits you made, I like your dress the best - looks lovely on you - but then everything you make does.

Happy anniversary

Doobee said...

Purple, in all it's shades, looks beautiful on you. I think this should be a colour that you include more often in your wardrobe. Love all the outfits, all created from a romantic bracelet!!! How lucky you are...

Bunny said...

Beautiful gift and I love all the things you've made to wear with your lovely bracelet.

Dilliander said...

I agree, these all look lovely and go beautifully with your special bracelet.

Mary said...

What a beautiful bracelet and such inspiration! I am in the process of beginning a Giorgio top. I love the shaping on the did you do it?

Jenny said...

Oooh I love an excuse to get new fabric and make something new! Everything looks great as alwasy, but i especially love the dress! I think the neckline is very classy as is. Can't wait to see your next version with the modifications.

Gail said...

Great new outfits and what an excuse to make them. BTW, purple and teal are a great combo!

shams said...

That is a beautiful bracelet and how fun to make a mini wardrobe around it. I'm sure your husband is happy he bought that for you. :)

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I love how you made more than one garment/outfit to go with your lovely anniversary gift. Personally I think you're being a little hard on yourself...several of these pieces are really pretty on you! And I especially love the dress!

Blacey said...

The purple top and skirt is beautiful on you! I think the cami actually looks great with it, echoing the colour in the skirt. The silhouette is also great on you.

As for the sheer cotton knit, I like it, but if you don't, may I suggest cutting it up the middle to turn it into a waterfall type cardigan? It looks like it would drape beautifully as a cardi.

Vicki said...

Ooh, lots of purple outfits now to wear with the bracelet!!

gwensews said...

Funny how one little bracelet lead to a whole new wardrobe! You look pretty in purple.

Lori said...

I like all the outfits on you and it is so sweet you made several things to go with your new beautiful bracelet.

Dixie said...

I'm liking this purple plunge! Each garment is sewn well, and looks great on you. Now your bracelet will be worn more often!

velosewer said...

You do look lovely in purple shades and the patterns you've chosen are an interested selection too. Why not keep experimenting? You've made some great choices so far.

Irene said...

What a lovely bracelet! And what a wonderful array of outfits to wear it with.

Mary said...

Thanks for the information on Giorgio's Top. I planned to try adding to the sides, but completely forgot when I was cutting! I know I'll make another, hopefully I can remember to make the changes.