Thursday, July 19, 2012

McCall's 6559 My Way

First I'd like to thank all  those who stop by to see what I'm doing and a special thanks to those who leave comments. I appreciate it so much!

McCall's 6559 has had a lot of attention and my version may be a disappointment, but I thought it would work with a narrow navy and white cotton knit stripe from my stash. I only had enough to make a top though.

I used the drawing for View F (the pink stripes) as my laying out guide and cut it off at the second lengthen or shorten line. This is what I came up with.

The contrast is less spectacular than I had envisioned it, but I do like this top a lot. I would like to try a dress using colour blocking but that probably won't happen this summer.

Comments about the pattern.

1.  I cut a size 12 with size 14 at side seams and with my FBA, that worked very well.So the sizing is accurate.

2.  I raised the front neckline 5/8" because it seemed too low. It is just right with this small addition.

3. The pieces fit well together and the instructions were clear.

4.I added neck and arm hole bands  which I think adds a nice touch.The pattern doesn't include them.

5. This is the only negative.I find the arm holes a little too big and I would raise them as well as add a bit to the circumference next time.

And yes, I would make it again and encourage anyone who has rhis pattern , to give it a try.

A couple more peaks..

I'm off for a doctor's appointment. The skirt is my white bull denim which I made last summer.

Have a great weekend Everyone. I hope it's not too hot where you are!


Linda T said...

I want to make this one, but haven't found the right fabric just yet. Your version is cute, IMO.

Andrea said...

Very cute! I love the navy & white with red accents, it's a great look on you.
This is a popular pattern. Myra (Simple Inspirations) posted her finished dress today, and I posted that I'm making it also. I raised the armscye as part of my cheater FBA and I raised the neckline. Made trim for the openings as well. I agree that the pattern needs that touch.

Sheila said...

Love your top and inspires me to use the red & white stripe fabric looking to be made into something.

Vicki said...

Nice, it makes the stripes a bit more interesting.

Gail said...

Great top and no its not hot in Sydney. Only 6C degrees in Sydney this morning, but that won't seem cold to a Canadian.

pdiddly said...

nice top and suits you. Can you describe what is hot or summer????? I think it has passed us by in the UK lol (even had to put my heating on the other day)

Bunny said...

I really like this. Stripes have always been my fave and such fun to manipulate on a design. This pattern seems to do that for you.

Claire S. said...

Ha, I'm hoping it's a bit hot where I am. I'll be in Saint John tonight and the forecast 23-25 for the weekend is a LOT cooler than the 28-30's we've been getting in Montreal !

Love your top - that M6559 seems to be this year's 'must have' dress :-) My latest project is a copy of a t-shirt dress I own that is a close match of this one. The big difference is mine doesn't have the racerback. Maybe I'll draft one in on the next version.

Irene said...

Lovely top! A good way to try out a pattern without committing to a full-length dress. Love the way the stripes come in at angles. Makes it much more interesting than a plain fabric would.

Sharon said...

Love the simple detail and you have been very busy, a lot of wonderful garments with the purple theme.

j.kaori said...

Super cute top! I love how you manipulated the stripes.

gwensews said...

Stripes are so fun to work with, aren't they? I like what you did with stripes on the top. Very nice.

velosewer said...

Stripes are so in. I like the version you made.

Tee said...

Love the top!