Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Taggy Blanket or Jordan's Gift to Riley

Last week ,I was in Ottawa visiting my daughter as well as my youngest son.

While there, my daughter was planning a baby shower for my future daughter-in-law. Jeff and Melanie are expecting a baby girl, whose name is to be Riley, in a couple of weeks.The day before the shower , Tamara and I invited my son's step-daughter, Jordan who is eleven,for a visit.We thought she would enjoy helping with the shower preparations .

We decided that Jordan might like to do a little sewing.I had made a taggy blanket

for my other baby grand-daughter and after explaining what a taggy blanket is,Jordan thought it would be a great gift for her baby sister!. We went to Fabricland where she chose fabric,which should be soft and cudly, and a variety of ribbons of different colours and textures.

Back at home,we got right down to work.

Step 1....Here Jordan is measuring the ribbons.We decided to cut each one eight inches and to make the blanky 15 inches square.

Step 2....Next, Jordan looped each ribbon as she pinned them about 4" apart to the right side of one of the layers.

Step 3...After pinning the second layer over the first layer and the ribbons, It was time to go to the machine.Jordan was a little nervous because she had never sewn before, but I think she did very well with a little help.

Here is the blanket sewn on all sides with an opening of about five inches left on one of the sides so she could turn it right side out.

Step 4...After turning it and sewing the opening shut, here is Jordan with her gift for Baby Riley.

I forgot to take a picture but Jordan made herself a cushion with the left-over fabric and this time she did it all by herself!

Sewing was not all Jordan did that day. She helped Tamara decorate these cookie jars containing the ingredients as well as the directions for making the cookies which were to be party favours that each guest took home.

We carved this watermelon baby carriage fruit bowl

And she helped decorate the cupcakes which were one of the desserts at the shower.

The day ended with a feast of Chinese food and a very tired young girl.

The next day was the shower and Jordan's gift was a great success with not only her Mum and big sister, ,but with all the guests!


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Diana, that is so nice. What a great gift that makes. I've actually never seen or heard of these types of blankets.
Sounds like it was a great day for everyone.

Claire S. said...

I've never heard of them either, but it looks like she did a wonderful job. Also sounds like it was a very busy day. Glad the shower was a success :-) !

gwensews said...

Kids love to be included in whatever the aduts are doing. So nice that the little girl felt like she was welcome. Babies love taggy blankies. That's a great gift.

Jenny said...

Yea! What a great girl. It sounds like you all had a great two days. Hopefully she'll keep interested in sewing, too.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Hi Diana, I haven't seen you in awhile. Just a quick "Hi". and hope all is well :)