Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sewing for my Lifestyle

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! Are you stuffed, tired and happy? Hope so.My Dh and I got up early and prepared our turkey and all the fixings so we could enjoy our family which includes our little cutie pie Sadie who is almost 14 months old. I can't resist showing a picture.

I'm almost too tired to blog but if I don't post this tonight ,I won't get another chance as we are leaving for Montreal on Thurs. and I'm then taking the train to Ottawa . I want to be in town for the baby shower my daughter and Co. are having for my daughter-in-law. My new grand-daughter is to be born in mid Nov.
I have a lot of baby stuff to make before Thurs. because as is my habit,I've procrastinated and waited for the last minute to make crib sheets, bibs, receiving blankets and even a quilt (sort of).

So here is what I have to show you tonight.

The fabric is a light chocolate brown sports weight stretch cotton that looks just like denim.The pattern for the jacket is this OOP Vogue Designer one that I've wanted to make for years.

This wasn't my first choice ,however. I had my heart set on making this OOP jacket, but horrors! there was a crucial piece missing.It probably found its way into another pattern envelope when I was cutting out more than one but since that was a long time ago, I couldn't come up with a solution so I had to settle for a different pattern.

I think the jacket is as cute as can be (and look at all that top-stitching which as you know I love to do) but I would have preferred it longer. I added a couple of inches at the bottom but I didn't want to mess with the style too much and it had no allowance for adding length in the body of the jacket.

I was having a hard time finding the right buttons (for the other style ) so the zipper closure on this one solved that problem

For the pants, I used the S.Betzina jeans pattern I used for my Swap, but I wish I had chosen to make a simpler style as there's an awful lot going on right at the stomach which we older women just don't need.But the fit is good and they went together really well.

I trimmed the back pockets with a design to mimic the trim of the jacket.

When I close the jacket, the wide band acts as a girdle and feels good,

but I prefer the opened look.

All in all, I like my new sportswear suit.It will be a great outfit to take with me to Montreal and Ottawa.Now if only I had a medium weight jacket to go with it.Mmmmmm!

More pics here.


Gail said...

I love the lines on this jacket. It is so flattering on you. You grandchild is oh so sweet.

Vicki said...

So nice! Love all that topstitching and the pants look great with the matching detail on the pockets. Sadie is so cute too. Enjoy your trip :)

gwensews said...

That is a beautiful outfit. It looks really nice paired with pink. All that topstitching really emphasis the fabric. Nice job. Enjoy your trip.

gwensews said...

Is the jacket pieced along all the topstitching lines, or are they pintucks?

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Beautiful outfit Diana. Love the details and it looks great on you. Sadie is a sweetie :)
Have a great trip.

Shannon said...

Love the new outfit! I have always liked that jacket - I just never got around to making it, so it's great to see your version.

Paola said...

Beautiful jacket and pants, you probably will use it much on their journey.
Little Sadie is adorable!

Lisa said...

Your grandchild is so sweet!

Love your outfit, color, details, topstitching. The whole thing is great.

Kathi said...

The new outfit looks very nice. I really like your stitching details - they make the jacket and pants.
Cute picture of your granddaughter!

Lori said...

Fantastic outfit, the details are amazing.

julia said...

Your grand daughter is adorable!!!! I'm so glad you posted her picture! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! Your suit is fantastic! Such wonderful details!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful outfit. I especially love the lines on the jacket.

Cennetta said...

Excellent! How did I miss this post? Impeccable workmanship. Thanks for sharing the details of this outfit.