Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Sew Passionista Design or My Self Drafted Jacket

I'm not succeeding in keeping to my Sunday night blogging schedule. Why not? I guess life just gets in the way sometimes. Or am I lost in LOST?

You see, my husband and I started watching Season 1 a couple of weeks ago and became quickly wrapped up in it. We are now on tape 1 of Season 3. Right now we are taking a break so DH can watch a hockey game so I thought I'd post last weeks project.

A couple of years ago I bought this fabric that is a cross between a boucle and a chenille.The purple is just beautiful.

Originally, I tried to copy this cardigan from Coldwater Creek.

I drew out the pattern by copying a loose fitting pullover with dropped sleeves . It didn't turn out right and I just hung it in the closet where it stayed till last week.

I was looking for something to do while spending time with my mother at the Nursing Home ( I always take hand-sewing or something else to do because my mum can't communicate anymore and if I have something to do while I'm there I can stay longer I find. She just likes to know someone is there who loves her,I feel. )

Well, I grabbed the jacket ( I wish I'd taken a before picture ) and ripped out some of the seams and cut a few inches off the bottom to have a little fabric to work with. When I got home I remodeled it by adding the collar,

adding a strip of fabric to the undersleeves because they were too narrow,

and gathering the bottom of sleeves because they stuck out..

I finished off by lining it and I really love the results.
I'm especially proud because I feel like I was the designer in this case. So here it is.

Instead of buttonholes, which would have been a real problem on this fabric, I made large loops. I found the buttons at a second-hand store!

Here I am in my jacket. Sorry but I can never get the colour just right.

This week I'm working on a brown stretch denim pantsuit and it's turning out quite well I think. Hope to have it up on Sunday night.

Now back to "Lost".


Kim said...

Hi Diana! Can't wait to see a pic of you wearing it! It looks really beautiful.

Linda T said...

Great save; I love the design. Wonderful color too. Regarding the haircut. Know the difference between and good haircut and a bad haircut?..............(about 2 weeks) ;>

Gail said...

Hi Diana, I love unstructured cardigans. Your fabric is very beautiful and well done with the drafting.

Vicki said...

It looks so cosy and warm. Great colour too.

Shannon said...

Lovely jacket - it looks so cozy!

Lindsay T said...

Very nice! Love that fabric and your design.

The Sewing Loft said...

I really like everything about this jacket. The fabric and it's color are wonderful. Your design is wonderful. The end result is wonderful. I know you will enjoy wearing this jacket. It oozes comfort and style.

gwensews said...

That's an awesome jacket, and it is so "you". It has that Sewing Workshop/Louise Cutting look that you do so well. Very, very nice.

Aminat said...

WAO WAO, that is one beautiful jacket and looks so nice on you. Good save

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I am sooooo loving the changes! And you look fantastic in it! Good save, Diana!

Faye Lewis said...

That is so cute, I know you are glad you held on to it. Thanks for commenting on my blog. The serger book is really good. I've been reading through it today.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the jacket! It is so perfect--not a jacket/not a sweater! And to have the lining...You have me thinking.