Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just a Few Thoughts

I had planned on posting about my brown denim pantsuit but since I didn't get any pictures taken,I thought I'd just put a few thoughts out there.

Ever since I participated in Swap 2009, I've been very aware of whether or not I wear the things I make.I guess that would be because I actually sewed 17 different items for Swap and of course some of them I've hardly worn at all. This has led me to consider very carefully what I now sew.

After really examining my past projects ,I decided that by far I wear the coats .jackets and pantsuits that I make the most.These include long coats,

3/4 coats,

short jackets

, jeans jackets,

and casual pantsuits .

However during the summer months, I'd have to include sundresses and skirts to the list ( except for this summer when it rained most of the time).

So what do I sew and don't wear or wear very little? I'd have to say dresses, skirt suits (but I do so love skirt suits and do wear them occasionally) and even tops.That would be because I really like sweaters and nice classic T-shirts.As for shirts,they were once favorites but since I've developed this bigger than necessary chest, I'm not that comfortable wearing them.

After Swap, I decided I wanted to make my sewing more meaningful and I sewed more things for my daughter and I felt good about that. But it doesn't mean that I lost my desire to sew for myself. After all I have this humongous stash and as many ideas as I have pieces of fabric.

So I've been wondering what your thoughts are on this subject.Do you only sew things you need or are you like me (in the past) and sew that oh so stylish suit or party dress to have it languish in your closet?


Gail said...

I think it boils down to lifestyle. I also wear a lot of jackets and cardigans. They are worn over dresses, jeans, pants and skirts. I also wear t-shirts a lot. I am thinking about a sort of SWAP for summer as I really don't have a lot to wear when the weather is hot. Like you I want to wear it, so it has to be practical.

Fran said...

I'm just returning to sewing after some years away so I'm all over the place trying new things to see what works. But, I'd have to agree that lifestyle is huge. I seem to settle on unusual tops, a la Sewing Workshop, Cutting Lines Designs, etc. that look good over pants and jeans and add some flair. I love jackets as well.

julia said...

I pretty much only sew for my grands and other children. Never for myself.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I definitely sew ONLY what I need. I have limited time to sew and can't go off on flights of what I need is what I make! I do find though that I make dresses, jackets and skirts the most because that's what I'm comfortable wearing!

Birgitte said...

LOVE that red coat!
I sew for my kids and myself. Lifestyle plays a big role, but I'm not about to make jeans and tees!! So, like you, I make a lot of jackets, and now coats as well. Easy to wear over jeans :))
But I love couture sewing- and silk- so I make pieces that languish in my closet... until that special occasion comes along. And then I'm so glad I did :))

paco peralta said...

Diana.- all lights fantastic, really. with regard to your question, I think the clothes must be practical, because that's part of elegance.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Hi Diana, Love all these jackets/coats. I seem to sew more coats than anything else. Not sure why just that I like them. I find because I wear a uniform everyday I don't need an overly large civilian wardrobe and therefore tend to sew what ever catches my interest. (Mind you there is not much sewing going on over here this year :(
I want to change that though and maybe take on a mini swap wardrobe.
I'm just so behind in my sewing I'm not sure where to start at this point :)
When do you work next?

Michelle said...

I love all your coats! But I find that I tend to sew for a lifestyle that I don't really have. I love to sew dresses, dresses, dresses. And I need pants, pants, pants.

Vicki said...

I sew mainly skirts and knit tops and I wear them all (but no sewing this year). I have found I don't wear the jackets I make much - maybe because I am not happy enough with them. Love all your coats and jackets.

Linda T said...

I enjoy making dresses, BUT about the only place I wear dresses is to church on Sunday mornings. Other church services, I generally wear slacks. So, I don't NEED that many dresses. Right now, I have some languishing that don't get worn much. I, too, am trying to get on track to sew "what I wear." That would include casual slacks, jeans, capri's for the summer and "different" T-shirts. I have made a couple of blouses recently that I think I will wear, but time will tell!

Since I have retired, the need for clothes isn't what it used to be. There are some days of the week that I don't leave home and stay in my comfy shorts/t's in the summer and elastic waist sweats/ slacks and long-sleeved t's in the winter.

Kathi said...

I love that jean jacket!! Feel free to send it right on over if you aren't wearing it! I have only started sewing garments again the past few months, so I am wearing all of it so far!!

sensoussi said...

very nice and long projects, what a work, congratulation for these nice coats