Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vogue 8421 or Oh My But Those Sleeves are Puffy

I've been wanting to make a blouse with puffy sleeves for a while now but I knew that at my age I had to limit the amount of pouf.Well,I really liked this pattern View A

and it was time for me to make a store display (for Fabricville). The spring summer fabrics have been pouring into the store and I chose a silk cotton striped jacquard in bright red because we have to wear red, black or white tops for work.Therefore this piece fits in very well with the rules of Swap.

I decided to use the bias for the front and back side pieces

I interfaced the collar and the front with silk organza and lined the whole thing with cotton voile of the same red colour. So essentially I had to make the blouse twice and then sew it together. I closed the unfinished section at the back hem with Steam-a-Seam (I love Steam-a-Seam)

The pattern was well drafted.I had no trouble with it.I made my usual FBA alteration and added one inch fit insurance at the side seams. It was a good thing because for this pattern I needed most of that inch at the bust in spite of my FBA.
As for the curved pieces, I stay stitched the front and back sections and clipped the seam every 3/4 " or so and this allowed the curved pieces to fit in very nicely.

The sleeves were made in two parts:the puffy outer layer and a liner.(I forgot to take a picture). I suspected that the end result would be too extreme for me but I went ahead and finished it so I could take it to work the next day. I have to leave it on display for two months before I can bring it home so I'll alter the sleeves when that time comes.

I really like the lay of the collar but it doesn't look good opened as it is in View A of the pattern.

My husband wasn't home to take a picture (it's probably just as well.It was too funny) so here it is on Bertha.

A few more photos here.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

It looks great Diana. I don't see why this blouse wouldn't look good on you. It's a very pretty
style :)and one that would suit you. I like the fabric too. I was there this week end and there is allot of very nice spring/summer fabrics Things should start slowing down for me so I should have more time
to sew :)

Paola said...

Cute, cute,cute!!! I love the collar and the red´s spectacular in this garment.

gwensews said...

Nice blouse. I like the way you used the stripe.

kbenco said...

I really like the blouse, the collar shape is classy. I personally love puffy sleeves, but mostly on other people!This looks like a pretty sophisticated version though.

patsijean said...

I too love this blouse. The color is great and the blouse is well constructed. I need that pattern.

Linda T said...

I madde this pattern from linen; I think I blogged about it. I do like the pattern and will probaby get around to sewing it again. Lovely fabric. I hope you will enjoy wearing it!

Julia said...

This blouse is fantastic! The cut and the color are both very nice. I love the way you incorporated the stripe into the way it's cut.

Cennetta said...

Diana, This is a beautiful blouse. I really like the play on the stripes in your fabric.

Julia said...

I dread the day when our Kellen is 12 and doesn't want Granmomma to sew for her anymore!!!

Marsha said...

What gorgeous fabric!

Claire S. said...

I think it'll look good on you, Diana. It's beautiful fabric ! I was in Fabricville in Saint John this weekend (I never pass up the opportunity !) but must have missed this one.

Actually, I was very good - I didn't buy ANYTHING - that's a first & DH didn't believe me when I told him LOL !

Chris said...

Pretty blouse, love the fabric.