Sunday, January 21, 2018

Vogue !385. a Jacket.

Hi everyone. I want to send out a big thank you to all who visited or left a comment after last week's post. I was very gratified that I hadn't been forgotten . I appreciated so much all the kind things you said. It made me want to continue my blog for sure !

This post will be much shorter than last week's and that's probably a good thing, Lol. I'm showing a new version of Sandra Betzina's  Vogue 1385 this week.

This one came about when I was thinking of sewing projects for my Winter Sewing Group . I've made this a couple of times before and I always enjoy wearing it and get lots of compliments so I thought my ladies would love it and they did. Here it is.

I made view A but omitted the pleats on the bottom of the sleeve. I also added a couple of inches to the sleeve length.

The fabric is a stretch  cotton ? or rayon ?  jacquard from Fabricville that is so pretty in real life. I'm not sure the camera does it justice.

The trim along the outer edge is actually the selvedge. How lucky was I that it had some stretch too and was able to lay along the curves really well. I'm just so happy with this perfect trim for my jacket !

I want to assure anyone who has been afraid of trying this pattern that the neck treatment isn't anywhere near as hard as you would think, . It just requires careful marking of the darts which make up the ruffle. The neckline  lays very nicely along the neck. Oh, I just love this pattern !!!

Although the dominant colour of the fabric is red with blues, black and grays mixed in, these silver buttons were by far the most complimentary of all the colours I tried.

This jacket is a fairly quick make . I'd estimate that it took me six hours from beginning to end. I didn't do anything special to the inside. I simply serged the seams and resisted the urge to Hong Kong finish them..

This piece looks well with black, navy and gray but I only have pics of the pairing with black. My camera ran out of juice and I couldn't make myself do another photo shoot.

I gave my Sewing Group two other choices but that's for another post so please come back next week. I'll show you Hot Patterns Jetsetter poncho for one thing
and what I hope will be a glitzy surprise.

Thank you again for supporting my blogging efforts.


Moosiemoose said...

This is one of the best things about reading blogs, is seeing patterns done up. I love this pattern and had forgotten about it. Yours looks so nice I am putting it on the top of the list for a/some spring blouses/jackets. the use of the selvage is wonderful. Thank you for keeping your blog going. I really enjoy reading about your fashion charity events. Jean

Linda T said...

I've resisted this pattern thinking I wouldn't like the finished garment, but you may have changed my mind! Yours is very flattering, and the fabric is beautiful.

Faye Lewis said...

Very nice love that print!

Irene said...

Your jacket is gorgeous! It looks absolutely fabulous on you.

Vicki said...

So pretty!

Margene Yeaton said...

Great look on you. Like the changes you made and now I might have to entertain this pattern in the future. Even if you slow down some on blogging, do keep it going as you are such an inspiration and have really, really good ideas to make a garment yours.

Jane M said...

I so love how the neckline on this jacket works. The trim edge is wonderful and looks so chic. Great fun to wear, too.

Joyree said...

I love the jacket best ON YOU! You make it look amazing. It is a great style for you. I make jackets, but then I never wear them. I'm always so hot.
Hugs, Joy