Sunday, January 14, 2018

I'm Back !

I really disappeared this time , I know. It's been over three months of not posting, no reading of other blogs and no sewing for myself. How did it come to this ?

You see, my sewing life has really changed in the past year. It all started when I got the idea of holding a Fashion Show featuring a Four Way Wrap, that a friend gave me the idea for, to raise money for our local Food Bank. After raising almost $800  after paying for my fabrics and after realizing how much people enjoyed my afternoon event. I decided to have a late spring show.This time I added a simple top to the array of wraps and a simple poncho type topper. This one raised almost $1200 and I was able to divide the proceeds between the Food Bank and the school breakfast programs in my community. I should say that my Sewing Group helped with all the little details of putting on  events like these including the modelling .

On Nov. 30 , we held a Christmas Fashion Show and raised almost $2000 !This time, I developed three main designs, as well as ponchos , capes,and a twist wrap  in addition to the original wrap. This show was the best one yet and it was really amazing how much the audience enjoyed themselves. My friends tell me I'm becoming famous and these fashion shows have become social events ! I think I've created a monster! There will be another one in May. In the meantime, I'm sewing a few things for myself.

I would love to show you the designs I came up with for my last Fashion Show. I hope you enjoy them.

We called this one the butterfly top. I've shown you this style before. The one below is made out of stretch burnout velvet.

Here is my own top made for Christmas . Isn't it pretty !!! My whole sewing group wants to make the exact same one. I bought a whole bolt of this fabric on sale for $3.00 a meter !!!

The next style was called the slouch top and I developed the pattern using this out of print Vogue pattern that I don't own. A lot of guess work and experimenting went into this one but I think I figured it out in the end and it sold very well. This one is a little crooked on the dress form.

This one is my own and I've worn it to death. I love this thing !

I found the inspiration for the next one in my daughter's closet. Here is what I came up with .We named this one  the pop top.

This one is reversible

The twist wrap came from one of Peggy Sagers' videos. It was fun to sew but needs a two sided fabric or at least a fabric that looks good on both sides like these.

I made a few of the short sleeved relaxed tops that I featured in my spring show and was surprised at how well they sold even in late November ,

This style is so flattering and slimming. It's a great cover up for a bathing suit too.

 I made various styles of ponchos and capes and they sold out so I don't have any to try on to show you.

Here is  the silent auction reversible cape I made . It fetched $135.00 and I was pleased  with that. Pictures aren't great though. 

I hope you enjoyed the mini fashion show I showed you. I want to do a post to show how to make the butterfly top because it's really easy to draft if you have a dolman sleeve top pattern. I can't tell you how much I enjoy wearing my tow verssions which I kept for myself...the one above and this one made last summer.

This week I made a couple of things for myself which I love. I'll show you next week so please come back. I appreciate any feedback , comments or suggestions you may have about my Fashion Show items.

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Linda T said...

Welcome back! You have been really busy! Thanks for the fashion show!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

That's so awesome that you were able to have such well received fashion shows and make such wonderful donations. I'm sure the organizations appreciated the donations! Will look forward to seeing your selfish sewing!

The Sewing CPA said...

Welcome back! What a wonderful idea to fund raise for local charities. It's great to see that you had great success with the fashion shows. You made some really beautiful pieces; thanks for sharing.

MaryEllen said...

Wow your items are beautiful! So wonderful that they are in demand & great to help out your favorite charities .
The reversible one with the black stripe is my favorite -so versatile. I sew a lot of purses & bags for raffle prizes for a charity I’m involved with. Im can nsidereing some of your ideas if you don’t mind ??

sewingkm said...

So happy to see a post from you. Yes, you've been very busy in such positive ways. Congratulations!

Nan said...

Hi Diana,
What beautiful tops. Love the black and white with the touch of red. How wonderful that you have had such success. You deserve to become famous, you are so productive and creative.
Thank you so much for sharing these images. I love this blog it is so inspirational and I know it has to be a lot of work with all you have going on. I enjoy it so much.

Summer Flies said...

You are a real inspiration Diana. Lovely work.

Margene Yeaton said...

APPLAUSE to you! So glad to see you back and I know how busy you have been all for a great cause. Thank you for sharing all you do. Always look forward to your posts. Happy New Year!

Faye Lewis said...

Nice tops and glad to see you back!

Vicki said...

Wow, you have been busy! Great tops and you must be proud to have raised so much money.

Kat Z said...

I was thinking of you today and wondering if you were all right. I should have known you were immersed in something so creative and giving! Well done! So glad to see you again.


Mitzi Cleveland said...

Glad you're back! Wow you are an inspiration. I love all the garments and what a fun way to do some fundraising. Keep up the good work!


İmren said...

tekrar hoşgeldiniz

Irene said...

Missed you! The tops are really lovely. How wonderful that you are able to support charities in this very original way.

Joyree said...

My goodness girl! You are a factory! I love all those tops but especially the blue one of yours at the top. Would love to make one. I'm sure I am a follower of your blog, but I never get notices. I don't get other people's either. I must be doing something wrong. Love to see everything you make.
Hugs, Joy