Sunday, January 28, 2018

Jetsetter Poncho by Hot Patterns

I've long been eyeing this pattern.

I thought it might be a fun piece and a possible project for my sewing group. I bought the down loadable version of the pattern to save having to pay the  $23 shipping fee. It's not fun to tape all those pieces together, though !

Here's my version on Antoinette

and here is  what I think ...

As you can see by my photo, there's quite a difference between my resulting poncho and  the drawing on the pattern envelope and yes I was disappointed. I really loved the lines of it on that drawing. But seriously, there's no way that would ever work. The slope of the shoulder would have to be so sharply downward that you wouldn't be able to move your arms. The  drape below the arm is just what allows arm movement.

I still like this poncho and a couple of my ladies want to make one. Also, I'll probably use it as a design for my next Fashion Show which will be in May.

This gorgeous fabric is  a quite heavy quilted look  polyester knit I bought at Fabricville a couple of years ago. It was suppose to become a coat but I decided against that because of the busyness of the print. But don't you think that there are great polyesters on the market today?  I would still prefer to sew using all natural fibers as I did  all though the 80's but they are just not that  available here nowadays.

I ended up making size 12 because that seemed to be similar to my measurements but that ended up  too big. However ,when I made a 2" fold down the center front, I was satisfied . I had bought these wine buttons for the coat I had planned and so I added them and I like the effect.

The collar isn't doubled in the instructions but I did . It sits very nicely on my shoulders and away from my chin and I really like that.

This is a really warm piece and I hope to be able to wear it soon when the winter temps warm up a little .

I've been making new tops to replace the ones I'm tired of wearing so I'll show you those next week. I've also auditioned a simple but cute cardi pattern that I could make for my next Fashion Show, Butterick  6393 and I'll show you a couple of those so please come back to see.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving comments . I love reading what you think.

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Mariela Alethia said...

The fabric is beautiful and the poncho is lovely.

Graca said...

This is the perfect pattern for this print. I think I saw it here at Fabricland, it's a heavier polyester knit? I love the print but didn't pick any up because I thought it would be too warm to make something out of it. I didn't even think of a cape. Plus like you I prefer to sew natural fibres. They are getting tougher to find.

Irene said...

Wonderful poncho! I find it difficult sometimes to envision a pattern from a drawing. The reality doesn't always match the picture. And have you seen the Hot Patterns videos on You Tube? There are previews of "real life" pieces for many of the patterns. These give a much better picture of what the garment will actually be like.

Unknown said...

Really awesome
love it.

beckster said...

I think this is fabulous! Maybe it would look more like the drawing in something with a bit more drape, but I love this fabric. It looks very fashionable and warm.

Lolsews said...

That fabric is fabulous. I see what you mean about the armholes on the pattern but I can’t tell how you changed it. Can you show us without having to model it? And definitely include it in your next fashion show. It’s very flattering.

Arish Sir said...

El tejido es muy bonito y el poncho, la verdad es que en el maniquí no parece bonito, pero puesto en tí queda muy estiloso. BESICOS.