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I'd like to thank all of you who stop by to visit and to look at what I make.You, my sewing friends from cyberspace, are dear to me .Knowing you're out there in many parts of the world thrills me. You enrich my life with your kind comments and your inspiration.LOL.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A SnippetFact.com Award ?!?!?!

 Have any of you heard about SnippetFact.com? I got an E-mail saying that

Dianassewinglessons.blogspot. is the latest website to be awarded with the SnippetFact.com 'Sewing' award:

sewing facts

and that

SnippetFact.com is a community built 'facts only' website, created to improve factual content on the web, and make a more trustworthy and fun resource to discover information, and improve intelligence

I don't really know if I should ne flatterred or what????

What do you think?


WeLoveSewing said...

I got the same email. I never update my blog and have only a couple of posts, so was also not sure how I ended up being "honoured" with this "award"! That said, after looking at their website, I do think that I am one of the most knowledgable people on shopping for sewing and craft supplies in the Philippines! So maybe I should work more on my blog, so that it actually reflects my knowledge!

pdiddly said...

I am trying to decide if I should be offended that I didn't get the award too........ Guess I will survive - I haven't heard of it either

velosewer said...

Hmmm. I'm still thinking :))

Summer Flies said...

Hmm... well you do have good posts and I've learned lots...when is your awards night!! LOL!

Lee said...

Sounds like it could be a scam, be wary of what information they ask for...

Diana said...

Thanks Ladies. They haven't asked me for anything so far.

Rosy said...

I also received this email last week ... I do not post it because I went to the main page and I see nothing about sewing ... so I think it's just an easy way to get free publicity this page, What do you think about it?