Monday, November 19, 2012

A Downloadable Pattern ...Kwik Sew 3717

I don't have much to show you this week because I've been working on my yearly project of providing sets of hats, mittens and scarves made out of fleece to our local Resource Center for those in need at this time. I have one more set to finish to make an even dozen. I'll be very glad to be finished!

Last week I  was looking for ideas for an easy project for  my Sewing Group and I decided to try Kwik Sew 3717.

Instead of ordering the pattern  to be delivered, I decided to try out the downloadable version.I put it in my cart , submitted my order and it came via E-mail immediately.
You can only use one computer to print it from and you can print it three times in total.

I can't say it was  a quick process because in order to print it out I had to download Firefox (that was easy) because Google Chrome wouldn't work and there was another  download for something called  File Opener Installer , but if I were more computer savvy, I'm sure I would have had no problems. But where there's a will....

I was excited to finally have all the sheets and to put it all together.

The pattern came in pages marked as Rows 1,2,3,4,5  Columns A,B, C, D and E and each row had   .The pages were numbered , Row 1 Column A, etc.

Here is the assembled pattern.

Each page matched up to the next by aligning little black squares. It was simple really.

The sizes include X Small to X large. I copied Size Medium for myself. 
Here is my pattern which must be layed out on the fold.

Have you used downloadables? What do you think of them?

I've made three samples because I wanted to try different fabrics. All the fabrics I used were from my stash.

 The first one is made of a medium weight knit fabric. I decided to line the collar and add armhole facings with a plaid ponte knit.The result was Ok but I thought the fabric should be a little weightier and this trial garment showed me the armscye was way too roomy for  my taste . I added some fabric to it to see how much was needed. Not bad but I can't really wear it because of the patched armholes.


Next I tried a quilted denim.I bound the edges with a faux suede fold over tape, Cute ,huh?

But this time the fabric was too stiff! I actually took out some of the width at the bottom by adding a back seam as well as side seams. I cut off some of the collar too. I added toggle buttons and pockets .

Then I found  a printed faux suede and I self lined this vest*. The result was not bad. I like the waterfall look, but have found for this and other garments that to have this look , it's  necessary to tack down the folds so they stay in place. For this version, I also added a casing to the back and inserted elastic to draw in the waist.

* Doubling the vest is a real challenge. I've put some construction pointers here on Diana's Sewing Lessons if you are interested.

I think this pattern is a really fun and versatile style. You can play around and change it up, add buttons, pockets, darts, or seams to change the shape,shorten the collar area, and.....there are probably other things you can do. This could be a quick to make gift idea for someone you know who likes to  wear vests too

I don't think I've found the ideal fabric for it yet though. I'm thinking of trying it out in a Fleece.

These vests are all samples to show to motivate my Sewing Group .Once a teacher, always a teacher, I guess. I can't wait to present this idea to  the ladies this week. I think it will be a popular choice.

I love to sew!!! Can you tell?.

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gwensews said...

That's cute, and I can imagine a lot of possibilities. It's rather like a shrug, without sleeves. I'm thinking about a open-weave knit/lace type of fabric.

velosewer said...

This is so versatile and I've enjoyed the versions you've already made. And I'm looking forward to seeing more versions appear too :))

Faye Lewis said...

Thanks for making and show so many versions. I'm almost sure that pattern is in my stash.

bevaau said...

How do you 'match' the little squares? Do you place them as shown in your photo - side by side - or do you place them one on top of the other?
Thanks for showing so many variations!

pdiddly said...

Diana you have certainly provided a selection of different looking tops from one pattern ( all nice) - hope your sewing group enjoy making it.

Rosy said...

This coat is great, so versatile ... Love all your versions!

Diana said...

Thanks Ladies. In response to Bevaau. The little squares are placed side by side although a couple are out of whack in one of the photos.

Bunny said...

Great pattern but I am not sure I would enjoy the downloading. I am too used to the seductin of tissue and scissors, oh, well.

Love your vests and how you've interpreted the design, very nice.

bevaau said...

Thanks Diana.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

my latest project is a pattern I downloaded and it worked out really well..pretty painless..but my preference is still an envelope pattern :)

Your group will be thrilled to have all these choices. Sounds fun!

Gail said...

Interesting vests. I really like the one with the plaid.

Vicki said...

Cute as!! With the first one, can you make a feature of the adjusted armholes? It would look great. It is my favourite of the 3. I have just downloaded a Burda dress and printed it. That is as far as I have got....

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Wow! What an interesting exercise? I like the plaid ponte one best but I understand why you wouldn't wear it if the armholes are too big. I really hope your sewing group enjoys this presentation.

Susan Fogel said...

I like all three versions of your vests.
Interesting point about tacking the folds in the waterfall, I made a note of that one!

Happy Holidays,