Sunday, October 7, 2012

Self Drafted Purple Plaid Shirt/Jacket

This is the last post I promise about my PR Mini Wardrobe.

If you haven't voted yet and are a PR member (you don't have to be a paying member), there are many beautiful collections that deserve your vote.

My last garment is this last minute piece that I only dreamed up Friday night. The contest was over on Sunday so that worked into a lot of work and stress. Why do I do these things?

Here's my inspiration piece from RTW. I bought this shirt for $7.00 just so I could copy the collar. My version is different in most other aspects. This one is very 80's. I made mine with higher armscye and narrower shoulders.
 I used an old McCall's shirt pattern as my base and worked from there.  

I got up Saturday morning and had to draft my pattern, creating the different details as I went.I had to cut out the shirt making sure to match the plaid. I sewed up to 10:30 that night without a lot of time off. I still wasn't finished.

 Sunday afternoon right after church, I went at it again. It was done by 4:00 but I still had to take many pictures.

At midnight I still didn't have my composite up but I guess somewhere it wasn't midnight yet because in spite of being late it went through. Whew! What a relief!

Here are a few detail shots.The collar closes with snaps.

An alternate way to wear the collar

The back

The pockets which don't match up the plaid in the photo but they've been fixed. The sleeves are loose and 3/4 length.

The fabric is a light as a feather wool. The jacket is unlined. I thought this piece would add a punch of colour to my Granite Grey wardrobe. I'm still considering shortening it a couple of inches but not sure yet. The buttons are a little heavy for the fabric so I'll be on the lookout for replacements.

I love it like this

...and this

More pics here.

Thanks for taking a look. More later from


pdiddly said...


I hear what you are saying about "why do we put ourselves through it" - we all do it.

Love you additional piece, and I have already left my vote for your collection so good luck with it. I contemplated entering my wardrobe I made for KL but decided not to do it this time, and have just been working on my own little mini wardrobe adding another two pieces today.

Good luck.

Gail said...

I love this - especiallly the versatility of the collar.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

What a great interpretation! I love your fabric choice and the collar, magnificent!

Wannasewstudio said...

Hello. I just saw where you had to create a new blog. That happened to me about 2 years ago. I followed some wrong advice and lost my blog. Unfortunately, I never re-gained my following. A question, on old blog, you mentioned a technique from the threads dvd. I'm a beginner and just finished reading some of the comments (which are excellent), however, seems like you some of the techniques are intermediate to advanced. Please advise. Thanks so much.

Judith said...

The collar is super - a little different but very wearable, matched with a super fabric. Well done...

Janine said...

Your entire miniwardrobe was superb - the stripe orientation and matching was innovative . I am in awe of your self drafted jacket and the collar is just fantastic . Good luck with the voting ;).

velosewer said...

I love the collar. It's so versatile.

Sharon said...

Great shirt/jacket, love the plaid and that is a very interesting collar.

Linda T said...

That's a really beautiful collar. Can see why you wanted to copy/use it. I'm a sucker for purple, so naturally, I love the jacket. I voted yesterday - yep one for your collection!

Vicki said...

Great wardrobe. And I have been to vote :)

Bunny said...

Love it! The collar is fabulous and each way of wearing it so distinct.