Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Little Eye Candy

I just had to share these treasures with you!

.First is  a video of Spring 2012 Dior Haute Couture Collection.I think it's one of the best Fashion

Shows I've ever seen. It will be be especially appreciated by you Retro lovers I think. So enjoy!


Next is this collection of photos showing Originals by Coco Chanel herself.I found these photos on a

 website some time ago but I don't remember where.Oh My! They are so gorgeous!

This one is my very favorite.

This is my second favorite.

                                                                           I love this one too


                                                                        Aren't these blouses yummy?


  I just know that someone out there will enjoy these as much as I did.


pdiddly said...

Absolutely beautiful -

I am just finishing off my "test" Chanel jacket (will be done tonight) and will be cutting out my "final"version to wear for my sister's wedding in a few weeks time.

Bunny said...

The Dior collection shows some of the most gorgeous clothes I have ever seen. Very very retro. Love the gloves, the cut on sleeves, crinolines, SKIRT LENGTH, hose, waistlines, spike heels, and all. These are the most flattering clothing I have seen put out on the runway in a long time. They truly emphasize the female form. Thanks for sharing.

Fran said...

Beautiful! So classic and never out of style. True chic.

Lisette M said...

The Dior collection is stunning! I did feel pretty bad for those girls walking down the steps in those heels!

Lily Can Sew said...

I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. =) I like your sewings.
Please link back to my site

Gail said...

I loved the Chanel, so thank you.