Friday, April 27, 2012

Two Ruffled Tops for Tamara

I've had a bit of time to sew in the almost three weeks I've been in Ottawa.

Tamara and I visited Fabricland and found some pretty ruffled polyesters . We bought two pieces and I made these for her.

The blue one is a self- drafted tank top and the pink one ,destined to go to Las Vegas with DD next month is McCall    6562 .

Because of the nature of this fabric, you need to do a lot of pinning to be sure the layers or ruffles match up.

 I can also say that you need a lot of patience when it comes to facing the neckline and armholes.because the layers want to separate at these cut lines

. For the facings, I simply cut strips of the layers crosswise and used  these rather narrow strips .I sewed, under stitched and hand sewed to the wrong side or for the blue one I top stitched at 1/4".

  Sorry no step by step photos for these projects.

For the hem ,I machine stitched the under layer of the bottom ruffle to the under layer of the one above it making sure to hold the ruffle out of the way.

Tamara has the stomach flu today so no photos of her with the tops on as I hoped.

Going home Sunday.My husband has arrived and we are staying at a hotel for a couple of days. Leaving you with a shot of Riley and her Daddy at the hotel pool.I will miss my little sweetie so much ( and of course her daddy and her auntie too)

Don't they look alike?

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Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

This ruffled fabric is interesting to work with but you get such a wonderful result at the end. I'm sure your daughter adores both pieces!

pdiddly said...

Gosh the ruffled fabric looks a real pain to deal with, so congratulations for your patience working with this - Lucky daughter, she is the recipient of many lovely outfits made by you.

And yes your little DGD is beautiful and looks just like daddy. Wonderful age.

Gail said...

Lucky Tamara. I thought of you today at my sewing guild meeting. I was showing a sewing teacher how to do your lined pocket technique. She was intrigued and impressed.

velosewer said...

These are lovely tops.
I had the same experince with this fabric but it does looks great for all the pinning required.

Cennetta said...

Love, love the ruffled tops. I was in Vogue Fabrics on Sunday, and they had at least ten different colors to choose from. You've inspired me to make a few of these cute tops.