Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Top For Next Christmas (Vogue 8323)

Every Christmas ,I plan on making something a little special,maybe even sparkly, and each year it just doesn't happen.

A couple of years ago, I bought a beautiful and rather expensive rusty stretch cotton lace and cut out the top.I used View C of V8323 and cut it out without any alterations.(Actually, I forgot to do my FBA).However,it lingered among my UFO's.

Right after Christmas this year,I had the idea of making this now for next year.

I had originally intended to underline the whole thing with a nude colour tricot lining and after pinning each piece,I decided I didn't like the effect. I didn't have anything brown to use so I decided on black tricot

Here you see the difference between the two underlinings.

I basted all the pieces and underlinings together and treated the two layers as one.The top went together very well and I think I achieved a good fit. I found the sleeves were a little short so I added an inch and a half strip of the lace for the hem.

I finished the neckline with a band of lace (I didn't use bias).I turned the seam allowance and sewed it by hand to the underlining.I also sewed all the hems to the underling by hand.

Here it is. This pic gives a sneak peek at my Marcy Tilton skirt. I don't think the two go well together so a peek is all I'm showing. My skirt will be featured in my next post with this Simplicity top

This top fits in well with my What Goes With Brown theme.Here I'm wearing it with a pair of brown stretch velvet pants I made using this Sandra Betzina pattern of all things!

Stop by later to have a look at my above mentioned pieces.


Gail said...

Why wait till next Christmas? Make a special occasion, its lovely.

The Sewing Loft said...

What a pretty top. I like the black underlining too, it really gives the colors a richer look.

gwensews said...

Beautiful fabric. That top can go out to an evening event all through the cool weather. Nice job!

kbenco said...

Gorgeous. Too pretty to live in your wardrobe for a whole year!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Diana,the top looks beautiful. I like both colors underneath but the black would have been my choice too. It must be nice to not have to worry about working anymore :) How are you spending your free time, other than sewing of course :)

Chris said...

Very pretty, the black underlining is much richer and elegant looking.

Claire S. said...

Very pretty top, Diana - I like the black underlining choice, too.

Looks like you're putting your retirement hours to good work :-)

RuthieK said...

I agree. Its not so sparkly it has to wait for Christmas. Wear it now!

Keely said...

That is so pretty.I must give my copy of this pattern another look.

alethia said...

Very nice