Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Butterick Knit top (B5354)

I've been wanting to make this top for a long time and it was the first thing I made after Christmas.I wanted an easy project and this one fit the bill.I had it cut out a while back so I got right down to sewing and it only took about three hours.
Here is the outcome. It's nothing special really.

The fabric is a poly sweater knit that is very soft.The name of the collection was "Cashmere".It was left over from my daughter's Christmas dress which I forgot to photograph before sending it to Ottawa.

The reason I'm not thrilled with it I think is that the tucks at the neckline don't show up because of the printed fabric.But I definitely want to make it again in a plain knit.

There was one problem with this pattern.I found that the neckline falls toward the back so I'll take the seam allowance away from the front shoulder and add it to the back.I find this step usually fixes this problem.

What I like about this top is the fit (I used size 12 but cut the side seams at size 14). I like the amount of fullness through the bodice. It's not too wide.The only change I made to the pattern was to lengthen the sleeves because I'm always cold.I've already worn it several times so it wasn't a waist of time.You know.We all have things we sew that are just ordinary.This is one of mine.

I didn't get any pics taken of me wearing it but I've already finished a couple of other pieces,V8323 and V8561. I'll post on them in the next couple of days after DH has taken the photos.

I hope you all find time to sew this week.


The Sewing Loft said...

Your top looks nice and comfy. I like it. Most of us need those "ordinary" things. :)

Vicki said...

That is a cute pattern. At least you got the fit just right with this fabric.

gwensews said...

Good for you, sewing so much! Ahhhh, retirement has it's benefits!