Friday, January 23, 2009

Swap Garment #4 - V1034

This is the first" bottom" of my Swap wardrobe.

I used Sandra Betzina's Vogue1034 for these charcoal grey jeans.

I can't say enough positive things about this pattern. Sandra's patterns don't always fit me and I've had to give up on a couple of them, but not this one!

I didn't make a mock-up of these pants. Instead I compared the pattern pieces of V7608

which I altered with Sandra's help at her workshop which I attended in 2006(sorry I know I've mentioned that many times before)with the pattern pieces of 1034.

I made more or less the same alterations on the new pattern.The fit is pretty good. There is one little glitch at the lower hip area.For all skirts and pants ,I have to shave off about a half inch at the hip area for about 6" starting about 9" below the waist.This is because I don't have feminine curves in my hip area. I'm just plain straight instead. I didn't go down far enough and there's a little bump. I'm going to let it go because I can't bear to take out all my beautiful top-stitching right now.That means that one day I'll take a fit and do the right thing,but not now.Here is a picture of my alteration.

Now about those pockets!
At first, they looked daunting. I dived in and it really didn't take that long to accomplish not only the double pockets but the pseudo studs trim as well.

I took pictures of each step of the pocket construction not only to maybe help make it easier for someone else, but also for the next time I make them because for sure I'll make these again.(The colour is really off in these pics.)

The steps are explained in detail here.

All the pattern pieces fit perfectly together including the ones for the back pockets which I think are great fun!


Unfortunately , I forgot to get my photographer to take a picture before he had to go out so I'll leave you with a side view and one of the back.


Vicki said...

They look fabulous. Love the topstitching.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Diana, It was really nice seeing you Sat and I'm so pleased you had these jeans at work and I actually got to see them :) You did a "wonderful" job. Your topstitching is beautiful, I can see why you wouldn't want to take them apart. The pockets, front and back, do look pretty amazing.Now I want to try this pattern too! (oh,I do have this pattern too)
Thank you again for the plaid taffeta. I love it :)

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

I forgot, I love the studs, I bought a few more different packages :)

Chris said...

Nice jeans, you did an amazing job.

Aminat said...

Your jeans look so beautiful, the topstitching and the details are so stunning. Also thank you for the detailed explanation of the pocket contruction, am sure I will use them someday when am bold enough to make jean pant

Sew Passionista said...

Thank you all for the nice comments. Thinking back on this project, I really ejoyed the challenge. I had really hesitated for a long time because they looked so complicated. So anyone feeling the same, go for it.

Aminat said...

I have nominated your blog for the Kreativ Blogger award, you truly deserve it.... You're so creative.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Diana, I also have an award for you on my blog :))

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

These are fantastic!! I have to admit to viewing the pictures a couple of days ago on Flickr when I could take my time and really view your progress.

Three swap pieces done! You are on a roll.

Cennetta said...

Great looking jeans and thanks for the pocket tutorial. This has been on my list since the summer.