Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I got an Award!!!

Thank you Ann of Ann'Fashion Studio and Animat of Sew Fit for sending me this award. You are both so nice to think of me!

I know that I'm suppose to pay this forward to 7 bloggers. I follow many blogs and I've chosen three to name here. The others I wanted to name already have this award.

So to Nancy of Encue Creations

Dana of Lean Mean Sewing Machine

andLisa of Sew Random

I pass this award on to you because I find myself regularly checking out your blogs to see what you are up to.Keep on being creative and productive. I love seeing your work.

Happy Sewing from Diana


Nancy W. said...

Thank you so much. I'm very flattered.

Lisa Laree said...

Thank you, Diana! I've enjoyed your blog too, although I don't always get to click through from bloglines to leave a comment!

Aminat said...

You're welcome Diana, you really worth it....So have fun and Enjoy every bit