Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Posting Withdrawal Symptoms

It's been such a long time since I posted but you can't very well post Christmas presents so I thought I'd show you these:

These are views of our back yard after Sunday's storm. What a Winter Wonderland! Now if only it lasts until Christmas.

And these:

This is VeeJay. He was very interested in the Christmas tree thing.

This is Maggie. She loves being up on stuff and unfortunately,beside the Christmas village is her favorite spot this year!

Oh and I just took this of Bob shoveling. (That's one way of getting him on my blog).


Vicki said...

Beautiful snow photos! It must be so nice to be inside snuggly and warm and looking out at that.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Diana, such a beautiful scene to be looking out at! The trees were gorgeous weren't they?
Your VeeJay looks like my Salem :) and my two cats also just love the Christmas village and ornaments!

Claire S. said...

Hmm - my comment just 'disappeared' - oh well, the computer gremlins must be at work !

Beautiful pictures, Diana - we got our first snowfall today - they called for 5cm but when I got out of the car after work, the snow came halfway to my knees ! Back deck was about the same - a tad more than 5cm I guess :-)

Sew Passionista said...

That was yesterday. Now today is a completely different scene. Snow is all gone and it is pouring rain. So much for a winter wonderland.

paco peralta said...

that beautiful photos Diana. pets are wonderful. I had a cat for 20 years and was one of my best companies, in truth, loving and always attentive to everything that was happening around him. thanks for show.

greetings, ahhhh .... and happy Christmas.