Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Presents I Sewed

Now that Christmas is past, I'm more than ready to start blogging again.

This year, I promised my husband I would not sew as many gifts as usual so I wouldn't be all stressed out when the big day came. I kept my promise, sort of. I still sewed, but I made easier items. For my daughter, I made this outfit which took from start to finish,including cutting out, 5 hours.

For the skirt I used this pattern (M5590):

I altered the waistline by folding it down at the waist rather than making it high waisted.I sewed stay tape to define the actual waist then folded it down like a facing.

I also changed the kick pleat by adding two inches to each side of the pleat and making it into an inverted box pleat.The back of the skirt is wrinled but you get the picture.

For the pullover I used one of my all-time favs, Butterick 3344.

I've made this pattern in its various views many times. This time I used view D but lengthened it about 6 inches and made the sleeves three-quarters. I also omitted the zipper at the back neckline. The fabric is a very soft poly/rayon sweater knit. My daughter thought it was a sweater that I had bought.

I also made my youngest son two pullover shirts from Burda8827

The first is made out of the same knit as my daughter's and the second is a denim coloured cotton knit.

I sewed a few other things as well but those are the main ones.

I love Christmas but I have to admit that I love to get back to normal. After the holidays, I usually can't wait to sew again for myself which is what I did today.I made this .

A new nightie is something that I really needed. I'm always cold so a couple of years ago right after Christmas, I made my first fleece nightie and I've lived in it ever since!( my poor husband ).
I used S3696

It only took me 2&1/2 hours from start to finish including the cutting out so it was a nice easy and quick project and I'm wearing it right now as I blog.

What do you like to sew at this time of year? Whatever it is,



kbenco said...

Your Christmas sewing looks really smart, I am a bit worn out after all the Christmas presents too.A cozy nightie is a fabulous sewing present to yourself.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

All these gifts look wonderful. I really like the box pleat.
I love your nightie :) It does look cozy and it's nice it was a quick project.

BeeBee said...

Very nice gifts, how can I get on your list for next year? It looks like you went thru my pattern stash, I have and use all the ones you pictured (except the men's shirts, my DH would rather wear the Emperor's new shirt than something handmade).
Thank you for the nice comments on my blog. I'm going to reveiw the tutorials you recommend and will post of picture of how mine turned out. It's a little mind boggling, actually

Sew Passionista said...

Thank you kbenco, Ann and BeeBee for your nice comments.I love my new nightie and will have a hard time to wear my"nicer" lingerie until the end of winter.Bee, isn't it fun that we have the same patterns.
Happy sewing everyone!

Vicki said...

Lovely gifts. Christmas sewing sure does stress us out. This year I WILL start earlier..lol.

I am on a clean up mission at the moment so not much sewing. But one of the things I want to get done is the doona cover and sheets for my bed. I have had the fabric for years!!

Tany said...

Your these gifts look wonderful!

Faye Lewis said...

Love that kick pleate

Faye Lewis said...

I'm going to have to try that Butterick turtle neck top.