Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gifts from my Co-Workers.

Last night was our staff Christmas party. As those of you who follow my blog know, I work part-time at Fabricville, a big fabric store chain in eastern Canada.

It was a great party and I almost won the prize for the biggest spender at the store. I was beaten out by the "new girl" Helen. Congratulations Helen and may you win again next year.

Two of the ladies made gifts for all 16 of us. Katie made everyone a fabric shopping bag. We are trying to promote using this type of bag in the place of plastic shopping bags. Thank you so much, Katie. I love mine and I will put it to good use.

I love the elephant on the inside pocket!

Brenda made us all these beautiful aand fanciful pincushions.Isn't mine just so swet? Thank you very much ,Brenda. I'll use it as you well know.

We pick names on staff and I received these from Melanie who as well as being an assistant-manager, is a designer and specializes in silk accessories. I love my pillowcases and will get lots of use out of them for sure. Thanks ,Mel. You are a sweetie!


Vicki said...

What great gifts! I am still working on mine for my co workers..

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

The cloth bag is a very good idea... and I just love the pin cushion..& the pillow case....they are all very nice gifts.

paco peralta said...

Diana .- these gifts are wonderful. I am happy, you deserve.


Hugs, Paco