Saturday, August 26, 2017

Fun Summer Things

For  the past two weeks, I've been trying to sew a few fun pieces to end the summer with. I wanted to use up fabrics added to my stash the last two summers. Of course, these new pieces mean too many clothes in my closets. I've made a firm commitment that for every new piece I make , I have to give one away.

I've long wanted a long sleeved white basic top to wear under this , made two years ago.

I used the neckline of V8793   , but the body of Burda 6988, which is really one of my basic slopers and I use it for many things.

The fabric is a beautiful weighty rayon lycra from my stash.

The culottes ( I'm so happy culottes are sticking around for a bit longer ! I love them ! ) are View E of this pattern.

The fabric is a quite yucky faux linen from my stash. Faux linen usually makes up in great bottoms but this one has little drape so not what I expected although I've worn this outfit and it's OK. This outfit looks so much better in person !

Then I copied a RTW top I bought with the intention of copying it to use as a new garment in my next Fashion Show. This is such a cool piece and  I've made three versions so far and it's so much fun to make and wear. I'll be posting How To Make this top at Diana's Sewing Lessons a little later if anyone is interested in trying one. I love these tops. Here is the original .I forgot to take a pic of me wearing it before giving it to my friend Ruth who loved it. I'd rather make my own I guess.

It looks like a poncho until you spread your arms.

In this photo you can see the outline of the dolman sleeve.

Here is one I made.

This photo shows the back of the top. As you can see , the wrong side of the fabric shows so you need a two sided fabric or one that is pretty on both sides. This one is burnt out polyester.

This is what it looks like on.

This next one is a stretch mesh that looks the same on both sides. You'd see me coming in this one !!

 And finally, a semi sheer polyester that I absolutely love but this one is too big and long for me. I made it to sell but love it so much that I bought more fabric so I can make one for me.

I think these tops help to make the perfect hostess outfit. Oh ! But don't try cooking with theses on. The "wings" would not be safe near a stove. Lol.

I have a few other things made including a print jean. I'm not even sure if they are still in fashion but I bought a bright flowered canvas three years ago and was determined it would become jeans ! I'll show you next time.

Please let me know what you think, particularly about the last three tops. Do you think they would sell ?

Have a great week everyone.
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CAN I said...

I do think your tops will sell very well! Lovely design that is easy to wear and isn't close fitting. And the fabrics you have so far are beautiful. Another winning design!

Bonnie @ said...

Love your tops, the grey print one is my favorite. Great job & You look lovely!

Summer Flies said...

You have such cool style Diana. I love your tops.

Lyrique Threads said...

You bet I'd love to see tutorials! The fabrics are so pretty, and I'd like to make several. You look so pretty in them. How fun!

Ann Brodsky said...

I love all of your tops, Diana! They really show off those unique fabrics well. I've also made the same promise- for every garment in, another one has to go out- whether that be ready made or homesewn. I think it's doable!

Motherhen 1 said...

Love the colourful one.
Well done as usual, Diana.
One can only wear so much clothes, so one in, and one out.

beckster said...

These most definitely would sell! And this would make a fabulous caftan! I am looking forward to a tutorial, please. I think you are so clever to duplicate this top.

sewbluetiful said...

Love these tops.. would love a tutorial as well...

Joyree said...

Hi Diana!
My shortcut to you had disappeared. I googled everything I could think of. I was thinking you were "fashionista", and of course got nowhere. Finally I tried Diana and Fashionista and your blog showed up in a list. I was so excited to find you again!

Didn't care for the Betzina UNTIL I saw the black and white on you. I think it looks great on you. Love the white top and black/white capris with the pretty belt. Also love the pretty top at the end you said you were going to buy more fabric for. I am hoping to get back to sewing all the time soon. Since Mom has moved in, I sew for her when I have time.

Thanks for your BLOG. I know how much work it is, and you do a great job.
Hugs, Joy