Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sewing For A Good Cause

Wow! It's been a while and I'm starting to miss blogging so here goes.

Most of my sewing time throughout October and November was spent on making stuff to support our local Food Bank and Resource Center. Now , in January when the Food Banks are depleted because of Christmas, they need donations more than ever. I've decided to continue making the same project and selling them to help out as much as I can

What is this project you ask ?

I belong to a Bible Study Group and one day a member's daughter was visiting from Toronto. She was wearing this really cool wrap and graciously let me examine and measure it. Before long I had made many, many versions of what I'm calling the Five Way Wrap and quickly made $150 for the food Bank. I'll show you various versions on my dress form first and then give you some particulars.


This is a favorite and I think I'll keep it.It's an eyelash knit. and so fun and cozy!

This composite shows why I call my wrap the Four (or Five) Way Wrap.

Now for the specifics:

Each wrap requires about 1/2  to 2/3 meter of a drapey and preferably knit fabric but wovens will work..Various weights of fabric work and make each wrap unique.

A serger,though not a necessity, makes the sewing of this project much easier.
With a serger,you can make one in about a half hour including the cutting out.

Decorative threads for serging add a little extra something to the wrap.

A beautiful selvedge can be utilized.

And many different fabrics can be used although knits of course are preferable but I have used chiffon with good results.

Below,in order from left to right are as follows:

A crochet knit, a sweater knit, in the second row, a textured knit,a lace knit, a mesh knit,and in the third row, a boucle knit,a burnt out velvet and a ponte knit.

Reversible fabrics are a great choice as well.

Ok, this post was to inspire you to try one of these great wraps. For consruction details , please go to Diana's Sewing Lessons where I show how to make one.

Have fun. I know I've had a lot of pleasure creating these and please wish me luck at my sale which will take place in a couple of weeks.

In case you've missed me ( Lol ), I'll leave you with a pic or two of me wearing my wraps.

I keep making more wraps and finding new ways to make them special , so that keeps me from posting this. Just look at these !! On the right, I bound all the edges and really took my wrap up a notch. On the left, buttons down the seam add a sporty touch.

To give an idea how they look on.

And a few more shots.

I've never had a project that inspired me quite as much as this wrap. I am getting tired of it now though and will be glad to finish the seven I have left to make.

Thank you so much for stopping by and please tell me if you plan on trying one of these.

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Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

These are beautiful and I'm bookmarking this page for Christmas ideas for December. I can understand your fascination with these since each fabric delivers a different effect...and I can also understand how you are now ready to be done with this idea. Once you've cycled through all your creative ideas, you are ready to let them go.

Good luck with the sale!

Nancy K said...

I'm bookmarking these too I particularly like the buttoned one. This is a great one woman fund raiser. Good luck with it.

Carol in Denver said...

These are so pretty! I can see one in a sheer cotton for summer. For a longer sweater knit, I'll experiment with buttons or tabs at the sides to keep breezes from wafting up underneath.

Vicki said...

Ooh, these are great! Yes I have missed you so loved seeing this post. Will pin for later :)

Summer Flies said...

Wow these are really terrific. You have been busy! I am eager to make some with some fabric that I like but isn't me. They will be gifts for our winter. Thanks so much. Off for the lesson!

Sherril Monk said...

Do you have measurements and instructions for these. I'd love to make some for gifts.

The Sewing CPA said...

These are so great and would make amazing gifts. Thanks for sharing. I love all your versions. Great choice of fabrics.

Connie Turner said...

You are that tasteful lady who does everything more beautifully than me (or anyone else for that matter).

Sharon said...

You are so generous with your time and I hope you achieved the goal you were looking for as these wraps are so versatile.