Monday, May 26, 2014

A Plaid Linen Trench

For years, I've wanted to make a trench coat out of this lovely grey plaid linen which has silver threads running through it at intervals.

It took buying this purse in the hotel boutique at the Delta ,while on an overnight get together with my sisters , to get the ball rolling. ( shown here with my matching flats which I've had along time).

I decided on 3/4 length version of S4084 ,an OOP pattern in the single breasted style.

I haven't worked a lot with plaid and I was determined to take a lot of care in matching so although I had three meters of fabric I ended up with very little to spare because I had to cut several pieces twice even
 though I cut every single piece on a single layer of fabric and used each to cut the opposite side.

I blame that on block interfacing. I used a lite interfacing from Silhouette patterns to stabilize all my yardage before I started to cut. I've done that before to linen and  decided it would save time in the long run.
Needless to say,it didn't save time and took hours and hours! It's a good thing I'm a very patient person!!
I think there were distortions in the plaid thanks to this  and thus my matching challenges. The up side is that the interfacing gave the fabric a little body and it doesn't wrinkle very much which is a good thing.

here is my coat and I love it. I've worn it several times already and it is very comfortable, which to me indicates a good fit.

  Would you believe I finished putting in the lining, the buttons ,and doing all the hand sewing only to realize  I had  forgotten to add the belt loops?

I decided to open the lining a little at the back and to add just one carrier there. Because I like the jacket without the belt as well ,I was careful to match it so it would blend in when the belt is not being worn.

The angle from which I took the photo makes it look like it doesn't match but in reality it does!

I wanted to give my Janome machine a lot of credit for being the first machine I've ever had to make beautiful buttonholes every time! And, it even will agree to let me double each one without any problem at all. Look at these beauties!

 Not a very good pic. A photographer, I am not!

Oh, but I should say that I always use use a  #7 sharp needle and stabilise the area  with water soluble  stabilizer in order to get these results.

A peek at the lining.

Here in the Maritimes, we continue to have yucky weather. We literally have had no hot days yet this spring so this jacket is being worn regularly and I'm happy my purse talked me into making it!

I have lots more things to show you so I'll be back soon.

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Nancy D said...

Really sharp coat! All your time spent matching the plaid really paid off - you look terrific!

Jenny said...

Cute and functional. I love the plaid lining!

Enid said...

I love the plaid and the jacket! Perfect match of pattern and fabric..and matching the plaid too!
Great job!

So glad you can enjoy wearing it in May...
We are experiencing HOT temperatures here in CA. So this jacket would have to wait until fall.

You have inspired me again..

Enid said...

I love my Janome too! Just updated to the 9900 and it sews like a dream and the button holes are absolutely gorgeous, plus, the machine is the quietest sewing machine that I have ever owned.

Nancy K said...

I have been collecting trench coat patterns for several years and this is one of them. I love how yours came out. Very nice coat.

Nancy K said...

I have been collecting trench coat patterns for several years and this is one of them. I love how yours came out. Very nice coat.

Amanda S. said...

Ridiculously chic and cute! Wow! Those black buttons were the perfect pop and your plaid matching is spot on. LOVE IT!

Faye Lewis said...

That's a great trench, love the pop of color inside.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Such a wonderful trench! Love this!

Sharon said...

Lovely trench, love the plaid and you have some wonderful accessories.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

This trench coat looks so smart and professional. Love the matching bag and shoes with it. Very sharp outfit.

Sarah Liz said...

I just have to comment on those gorgeous shoes first - they are divine :). The jacket is, as usual, beautifully made - what a nuisance about the belt carriers, but well salvaged. You look so smart in the finished ensemble :)

Vicki said...

What a gorgeous little trench! Beautiful plaid matching for sure.

Nakisha said...

This is so cute! And it looks crazy perfect on you! So stylish especially with those accessories!

SEWN said...

Beautiful trench!

Claire S. said...

Nice - it's beautiful !