Friday, April 4, 2014

First Garment Made in my New Sewing Room!

I first wanted to thank all of you who visited me to see my new Sewing Room and who left such lovely comments. Can I say that my new space works perfectly! I'm so thrilled with everything about it! Here's an updated look with cutting board and  a few finishing touches! For more info on how I organized everything please visit Diana's Sewing Lessons. I just posted there.

Gail asked where I got my counter top. I designed it myself and had our carpenter build it.The measurements are 9 1/2 ' by 5'. The two ends have a plain side and I bought these night stands at Home which he attached  the counter top.

Now for what I've been sewing. The pattern is  B5786


The fabric is a medium weight 50% linen-50% polyester from my stash in a pretty denim blue.I love this shirt! The bias cut makes it flattering to the figure and I highly recommend this pattern.

I did add 2" to the length in the front and took away 2" from the back. But aside from the fitting alterations I always make ( FBA, narrow sloping shoulders and narrow back ), my shirt looks very much as the pattern envelope does. Of course I added the collar and sleeves from views C & D  to View A to get this look.

I really love the way this shirt dips in the back but looks like a regular shirt in the front.

I love the size of the collar and collar band.

In the pictures below, you get a glimpse of what my old sewing room looks like now. We call it the Egyptian Room. ( I've always been obsessed with Egyptology).

Tailored shirts were my favorite things to make in the 70's ,80's and 90's until I lost my waist and couldn't tuck in anymore. I'm thrilled with this one and I want to try another one soon - Butterick   6026 by Katherine Tilton.

Right now, I'm deep into a new spring coat for Tamara. It will probably be another week before it's finished but I hope you'll check back then.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful weekend without any bad weather (says the woman buried under five feet of snow on April 4th!! Lol.)



Andrea said...

Diana, the studio looks fantastic all put together! What type of cutting table do you have? It looks like a perfect size. Love the new shirt, looks great on you!

Nancy K said...

Your studio looks great. So is the shirt The shape is perfect on you.

Towanda said...

Your studio looks great. I love the shirt.

Vernelle Nelson said...

That shirt is fabulous on you. I think the adjustments in the length were perfect for your size and height.

For some reason, I never considered cutting denim on the bias. Thanks for another great idea.

Jean said...

I am so envious -- what a wonderfully large cutting table! The shirt is great -- I love the length in back as well as the bias cut.

Linda T said...

Wow, what a wonderful place to be creative! Makes me want to come and sew in your room! The new blouse is lovely. The color is so pretty and you look terrific in it. Well done on both the room and the shirt.

Amanda S. said...

This is a cute and fun top on you. Enjoy your new sewing room! Someday we will move to a bigger house and I will get one of those too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shirt! I love the drape of it, and the high-low hem adds to the effect.
Your sewing room looks fantastic!

Annette said...

I love your shirt. It must be nice to be able to sew something so beautiful in such a beautiful space. Hubby isn't sure if he like your sewing space or not. His excuse for not building what I want was he wanted a cabinet saw. Well, I bought the one he's wanted. He's running out of excuses!

Rosy said...

Love your new sewing space, but I think I love even more the way it looks so neat and free of chaos, hehe. This new blouse is pure love, I'm ecstatic watching the asymmetrical hem of it, so original.

Jenny said...

Very pretty! The hemline is great!

Sharon said...

Very stylish shirt and love the colour on you.

Vicki said...

Your shirt looks lovely on you. And what a great space to sew in. I just had a beautiful autumn weekend. Gorgeous 27 degrees today. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I love, love, love your new sewing room! The new blouses are great too!

shams said...

Lovely sewing room, lovely top! I also like the bias cut.

EmSewCrazy said...

This is a beautiful sewing room! You did such a lovely job! The top is very nice too!

Susan Fogel said...

Your sewing room is just perfect. Very organized, and pretty as well.
My sewing room is lovely too, but it is buried under clutter, I am not a clutterer, but when I am in a big project, it gets messy, and I have not cleaned up after this latest project.
You have inspired me! My DH Is on vacation for two weeks. We are mucking out both offices and I am taking over space in his. He hardly uses his. And when we were building this house, I thought that the dining area looked small. I made this decision based on the chalked in footprint, so I gave up TWO feet of my special space.
Your blouse is lovely, and looks wonderful on you as usual.
Enjoy your new digs!

Sarah Liz said...

This is, as you say, a wonderfully flattering shirt for the midlife middle - it has the tailored look with a feminine flare.

Your sewing room is to die for - it really is a lovely space. A room to enjoy :)

Jane M said...

I like your version sooooo much more than the pattern picture. Lovely new project from that very lovely sewing space.

Faye Lewis said...

Tried to send this in an email, but it bounced back.
"Concerning your comment about pant's fitting (the vertical fold just above the
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You mentioned that you have a vertical fold above the crouch. I've been trying
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a close up picture of you wearing them? Again, I'm not trying to be a know it
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Fran Weaver said...

I liked this so much that I bought the pattern but could you possibly explain what they mean in instruction 2 "sew invisibly"