Sunday, July 28, 2013

Two Garments for Tamara

Tamara is home this weekend. She is spending the next week with her best friends at a cottage on the beach. We both thought that it would be nice if I made her something she could use for her beach vacation. I picked out the patterns and fabrics, she agreed with my choices  and I went ahead and had them ready for when she arrived on Thursday.

First is a maxi dress that we both love. I used McCall's 6744, View C  and I can't recommend this pattern enough.

Here it is....

The fabric is a poly/lycra. The pattern features dolman sleeves and the shoulder seams are used to form a casing  and are elasticized. I love that look and it is very flattering.

This dress is wrap style.The bodice is overlapped and basted together. The same for the skirt. The bodice is then sewed to the skirt. This makes the wrap very stable and modest with no chance of wardrobe malfunction which is one of the best features of this pattern.

The waistline seam is suppose to form the casing for elastic but instead, I used darts. For more detail, please look here at Diana's Sewing Lessons.

Tamara loves her maxi dress and looks so pretty in it ,I think!

The second garment DD wanted was a cover-up for her bathing suit. For this, I used B5815

I used a fabric that looks like a transparent, textured fish net and I think is a cotton blend.The colour is a light denim blue with white and dark blue yarns throughout. I bought it at Fabricville.

 Although very plain, this piece is surprisingly flattering on, although Tamara wouldn't let me photograph her in it.

The sleeves are the focal point and are very pretty.

The only change to the pattern was to lower the front neckline by an inch.

I added a self tie belt for an alternate look.

We were both pleased with these two garments and I'm hoping Tamara has great weather for the next week but, given what we've experienced here the rest of the summer, it is highly unlikely.

I do hope you found time to sew this week.

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Sharon said...

Two lovely pieces for your daughter and she will get a lot of wear out of them.

Mary said...

The maxi dress is so cute! Thanks for the info on the wrap as I wondered whether it would stay closed. I made the Butterick dress a few weeks ago and am really happy with it. Your swimsuit coverup is a perfect use for that pattern.

Anonymous said...

Great maxi dress! I like how you streamlined the waist area. For years, I didn't really sew much with knits, but when I recently realized that I could use them to make fairly fitted but zipperless dresses, it was like a whole new world opening up.

Paula Ruta said...

I love dolman sleeves too; and so much easier to sew than easing in the sleeves! Cute look! xoxo

EmSewCrazy said...

Two very lovely pieces. The sleeves on the cover up are very neat!

Rosy said...

This two dresses are wonderful! The first one, it is even better to use it on a night out at the community pool-bar. Love them!

Sandra said...

I love both of these dresses. For the McCalls maxi, the way the bodice wrap stays put makes it very appealing to me. And that short one, the swimsuit cover-up, well, it's just so cute; love those sleeves! Your daughter is very blessed to have a mom who loves to sew for her!

Vernelle Nelson said...

Hi, Diana. I made B5815 myself a few months ago. In my haste, I actually cut it wrong, and had to put my creative juices to work to fix my mistake. The end result was a smashing success at my high school reunion back in May. Check out how I turned some of my greatest sewing room mistakes into great outfits.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

She looks wonderful in her dress.. Both pieces are perfect for a beach vacation!

velosewer said...

Those sleeves are really flattering on this pattern.