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Sunday, February 17, 2013

McCalls 6355, the Final Version

Well, here it is, my I-worked-really-hard-to -get-there dress! What do you think?
Again the pattern is M6355

As I hinted before,the sweater knit fabric is almost like colour blocking which is why I was attracted to it in the first place.It's a poly/acrylic combination which I hope won't pill too much. I got it at Fabricville. At $27.00 a meter (but you know I didn't pay that much) so  it should be of fairly good quality.It's a medium weight so just right for a dress.

As I stated in my last post, I discarded the idea of using a French dart . I did my usual FBA.( I cut through the front,spread the tissue 3/4" and enlarged the existing bust dart.) This method works well for me. I did not sew the front waist dart but I curved the side seam at the waist a bit  more than it was on the pattern.

I added a large cowl collar to the pattern by using the method I showed here on my other blog. I had a hard time to decide between the light coloured collar and one that would match the stripe at the neckline.

 I tried them both and they both looked so nice but my husband helped me to choose this one. I think it was the right choice after all.

I'm happy with the way the stripes of the sleeves match up really well with the body of the dress.

                                                                     I  sewed the back darts.

I am very satisfied with the fit of my dress. It is slimming, much more so than my photos show as they make me look  bigger than I really am. It's very comfortable ans cozy too.

                                 My photo is too bright although I tried my best to fix it. 
                          I consider my dress to be one of the classics I set out to sew this year.
   I can belt it, wear various long necklaces,wear it with tights,boots, heels or flats. It's very versatile.
   See more pics here.

        Next week, I'll show you a little bit of animal and I'm just starting to work on this little gem (the        jacket).

 Hope you found time to sew today! More later from


Vicki said...

Gorgeous dress. Perfect pattern for that fabric.

Dilliander said...

Wow, that dress is lovely, the perfect style and looks great on!

Summer Flies said...

That's really nice fit and love the colour block effect. I think the lighter collar is the right choice too.

Dixie said...

This dress looks very sophisticated, and flatters you. I really like it!

Jenny said...

As always, your workmanship is gorgeous and everything always looks great on you. This dress is no exception ~ beautiful work again!! :)

pdiddly said...

Beautiful dress and your stripes match so well

Lori said...

Love this on you and your hubby did a good job picking the cowl neck!

velosewer said...

Your husband has good taste. I like the dress much more on you than on the stand. You've placed the colours nicely on your body.

shams said...

Just beautiful, Diana. I love the fabric, the simple, sleek design, and the generous cowl. Pretty!

Gail said...

Very flattering dress. This toe of sweater knit is quite hard to find in Australia

Ronnie said...

Your dress is delightful a real winner

Aminat said...

absolutely gorgeous..Love your fabric.

gwensews said...

That looks wonderful on you. Thank goodness you know NOT to break up the stripes with incorrect darts and/or design lines. Perfect techniques for this stripe.

West Coast Boomer said...

I absolutely love cowl collars. And this one looks so good on you. How clever you were to have the cream color just where it is on the cowl! It frames your neck/face just perfectly - like choosing the most perfect match of FRAME for a picture...the best of both! Each enhances the other. Nice job.

Jean said...

Wow, that is just beautiful. The simplicity of the style really showcases the lovely fabric. Love it!