Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Absent but Sewing..... My Fall Pieces

Wow! I sort of dissappeared there for a while didn't I!
Does it happen to you that you just don't want to blog and most especially ,you don't want to have your picture taken to show on your blog? What is that about!?! Well that's been my reason for being away so long.

Today, I feel the spirit moving and am looking forward to blogging and visiting your blogs.

I've made a few simple things in the past few weeks. I'll show you the V8750 skirt first.

I loved this skirt as soon as I saw it and decided to use a cotton stretch sateen for my version. I decided not to use a contrasting top stitching thread but rather a matching one. I ended up being sorry.The interesting cut doesn't show up well . Here's the photo but it didn't photograph well at all I think due to the sheen of the fabric.

This is a great pattern and is a true "pencil"
skirt. I love the fit. I made size 12 and didn't need the extra inch at the side seams.I lined it although there are no lining pattern pieces. I had to draft my own by following the shape of the finished skirt.

Then I made a top to match the skirt. I used an old BWOF issue ( Feb. of 2008 style #124). The fabric is a rayon/lycra which I find is too thin and draws attention to the bust area so I drafted a lining piece just for the front and that worked well.

There is shirring at the princess seam on one side and at the side seam on the other.

I decided to shir the sleeves at the hem . I cut them a few inches longer and shirred both at the seam and at mid point of the sleeve.

Next I made this S2603 two piece set (with a few modifications) in a rayon blend knit and I really like the results.

Last time I made this set I felt it was too full at mid front so I cut off about 6" starting at the collar seam and down the front. I also took another 6" from the slanted front hem area and angled to nothing by the side seam. I think I like this version better than the navy one I made last year.

I've got lots more to show you but I'll save them for another time.
It feels good to be back in Sewing Blogland.


Dilliander said...

Hi Diana, welcome back... I'm not a photo person either. Love both your outfits and especially the changes you made to the Simplicity cardi. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda S. said...

LOVE the cardi set! I didn't recognize the picture as being from this pattern, and am going to have to try your mods.

Audrey said...

I definitely have times I would rather sew that blog about sewing, or worry about taking decent pictures of the garments I made. You made some lovely garments, the skirt and top are really attractive on you and so is the twin set.

Linda T said...

Glad you are back! Yep, I understanding about that blogging mojo thing--happens here too. You have made some great pieces!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Boy do I understand about the no sew/blogging mojo :(
Life has been so busy ~ in a good way and sewing time has been very little.
You look great as always and both outfits are lovely..

I do have some news and will send you an email soon with some details :)))))

Lori said...

Diana, I have missed your wonderful sewing projects. Thanks for sharing such beautiful garments, they all look fantastic.

pdiddly said...


Welcome back - its a bit spookie I was thinking "I haven't seen anything pop up re Diana" looked and here was your post.

Love the pieces you have made, thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

You look adorable in these clothes!

gwensews said...

Nice clothes. I especially like your red jacket and top. Blogging can get monotonous, sometimes. I have trouble keeping mine up. It seems there are so many other things that need tending to, and the blog gets left behind.

Claire S. said...

I was just wondering about you recently - good to see you back. Love all those pieces - they look lovely on you !

My own blogging has been sorely lacking in sewing content for a while now. It's time to get back down to the sewing room and get something done :-)

Jane M said...

I so understand about diappearing for a while from the blog sewing world. Welcome back! Your new skirt and top are delightful. Very flattering and feminine. I too loved chopping off inches from that Simplicity cardi which made it so much more wearble.

Gail said...

Welcome back Diana. You have put together a fabulous coordinated autumn wardrobe.