Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tamara's Mini Winter Wardrobe -Part 1

This week ,I managed to almost finish three of the five pieces I'm planning for my daughter. Of course I started with relatively easy pieces. Tonight I'm posting on a self-drafted (sort of) bias skirt and a sweater top made from V8597 View C. See my sidebar for the whole plan.

The skirt is the result of my pointing out that this certain skirt she often wore was beyond wearing. (She bought it at an Ann Taylor shop when she lived in Florida in 2001!) I forgot to take a pic before I cut it apart but oh my! It was way past it's prime.She asked if I could make an exact,exact replica for her. And I tried.

When I took the skirt apart, I saw that it was stretched out of shape so I looked through my patterns and found this Butterick pattern that ended up being almost identical in length and width so I used it to draft my new pattern.

I cut it to include 1&1/2" seams on the sides to make sewing the bias seams easier.

The technique I used to make this skirt ,I learned from Sandra Betzina. She used my fabric to cut out and sew this skirt to illustrate her method.

I'm putting a tutorial here if anyone wants to know the details.
So here it is and I hope DD likes it and that it fits.

As for the pullover top,The fabric is a lovely polyester sweater knit in a heathered purple. I don't know if DD likes purple but if she doesn't, she should.

I made a couple of changes to the pattern. For good or bad ,I decided not to double the cowl collar fearing it would be too thick. But the single layer wanted to roll upward so I decided to zigzag it to the neckline as you see here.

I sewed the collar from the inside of the neck with the right side of the collar against the wrong side of the sweater . That way the right side of the collar showed on the outside. Then,I folded the collar in two and zigzagged it to the neckline. It really doesn't show as much as the photo indicates.

The other change I made was to join the two parts of the sleeves together as I didn't want a seam on the front of the sleeves.At the top where they didn't join, I added a dart and this formed the shoulder and you wouldn't know that the sleeves weren't drafted that way.

For more pics ,look here.

I also made a white shirt but I haven't sewn on the buttons yet so I'll keep it for another time.

I hope you found time to sew this week or weekend.

Happy Sewing from Diana !


Digs said...

Beautiful bias skirt. And I love how you combined front & back sleeves on the sweater. Lovely combination.

The Sewing Loft said...

Nice outfit, and I am excited about the way you joined the 2-piece sleeve. I have had that in my mind to try.

Gail said...

The grey bias skirt is very stylish. It seems so well with the sweater. Funny, its an obvious combination but not colours I'd think of putting together.

Vicki said...

The skirt is lovely. The top too is very nice but the collar is not like the pattern is it? I noticed on someone else's too. But that doesn't stop it being very cute and cosy looking :) Lucky daughter!

gwensews said...

What a pretty outfit. I love the color of the top. Your daughter is very lucky to have you sewing for her.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Diana, you did a fantastic job on her skirt! How lucky to have someone make an "exact" double of your favorite garment :) She'll truly enjoy it.The top goes perfectly with it.

Aminat said...

Love the outfit... Your DD is really lucky , I am sure she will love the sweater color...

Kathi said...

Both are pretty garments. I want to the top again, but don't like the raglan sleeves. Now that I have seen this, I am going to do your fix!
You cracked me up with your commenta but your DD and how she should like purple!! Too funny.

Tamara said...

Hmm...I wonder if this is going to end up like that sundress that you swore you would never make for me again....because you made it 5 times. LOL Keep the pattern handy cause I might want another. :o) Thanks Mother! I hope you know I appreciate you.