Monday, May 4, 2009

Adri Times Two

Does anyone else have this pattern?

I made this jacket last spring as a store display. I made it out of metallic linen and I loved it.

It is a great pattern for top-stitching and as you know, I love to top-stitch!

I also made the tank but out of a light cotton.

The pants are made from linen , They're cropped and I used an old favorite TNT.

Of course being linen, the outfit is very wrinkly but I love it anyway!

Now back to the present.The minute I had finished my Swap, I cut out and made this version of the same Adri jacket.

The fabric is a two-sided denim so what could be better? The collar and lapels have
only one layer and you turn the seam allowances to the outside. I used two spools of polyester thread for the top-stitching. I threaded one of my extra machines with the green thread and that made it very convenient.
Also, I wanted buttonholes instead of the loops, so I added an inch to both. front pieces at the centre line.

For the pants, I used this Pattern.

I had used this pattern for my grey Swap jeans and I knew they were a little big. I used View B and since I thought this style could stand to be a little roomier, I just cut the size C with no alterations and they fit perfectly!.

The back pockets were another Top-stitching Opp.The colour in this photo is terrible though.

I used the contrast side for the sides and the label is to cover up an"oops".

This is the kind of outfit that I love to wear and that will fit very well into my lifestyle.My husband and I are going to Vancouver next week and I'll be taking this with me.

More photos here.

Now on to a UFO, another Adri Pattern.


Julia said...

Great outfits on you! Beautiful work on them!

Sewfast said...

Those are both great outfits. I love the denim!

gwensews said...

You are just cute as a button in both of these outfits. What a clever way you found to hide the "oops" on the pocket. The denim outfit is to die for!

Linda T said...

How cute!!

ClaireOKC said...

I forget how much style Adri has. Made them 10/15 yrs ago, but got all caught up in BWOF. These look great and I love linen too - has "rich wrinkles!"

Gail said...

love the linen. The great Dame Judy Dench wears a lot of monotone linen in beige and white. It is so elegant.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Diana - it makes me sad that I didn't purchase that Adri pattern now because both versions look so cute! I have two metallic linens that I haven't done anything with and your jacket is a wonderful example of how I should use it!

Have a great time in Vancouver!

Joyce in NC said...

I love the double-sided denim. Great outfits. Love your topstitching.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Diana, both outfits are gorgeous.
You did such a great job and they look perfect on you ;)
Have a great time in Vancouver.

Lindsay T said...

What great outfits! That double-sided denim is fabulous. Enjoy Vancouver—I always wanted to go there.

Vicki said...

What a great outfit! So beautifully done. (The denim one). The linen looks very summery and fabulous on you too.
Very inspiring:)

Anonymous said...

I love how you worked with that two sided fabric! Resulted in a great outfit that looks smart, practical AND comfy! Sewer's heaven...

a little sewing on the side said...

What glorious versions of that spiffy Adri pattern. I have admired it so many times and it is wonderful to see it made up several ways. I don't know which one I like best!!! And congratulations on sewing such a superb SWAP. You have great style AND technique. Nice combinatioN!