Sunday, January 20, 2019

Vogue 9341 A Reversible Jacket

Another big thank you for the warm welcome back. I feel so blessed !

As soon as I saw Vogue 9341 among the new Vogue patterns for fall I knew I had to have it.


The jacket on the pattern envelope is a work of art and gorgeous but I know I'll never make one like that or maybe I  will one day but for now I just want to make it my way.

I decided to make a mock up first because I'm never sure which size to make when the sizing isn't  numerical. My first make was in medium and was too big but no worries because it will be offered at my Feb. 28th Fashion Show. This is that one.

The fabric is a sueded double sided coating fabric I've had in my stash for a while.

This pattern has only FOUR main pieces + the pockets ! No facings ! Easy peasy but so cute on .

I used a knit binding on all edges . I lengthened the sleeves so the jacket would be more serviceable for the climate here in Canada .

I changed the pocket as well and placed them on the jacket front.

For closures I used simple snaps.

Here is an alternate way of wearing it

Now for my own jacket ! It's reversible !

I found this really interesting knit jacquard at Fabricville and knew right away it would become this jacket.

The navy striped side looks more casual and the taupe variegated side looks like raw silk.

I used the selvedge to finish all the edges , turned it to the navy side and top stitched.

This resulted in a nice clean finish on the taupe side.

 I like this side view !

I decided against buttons for this version as well and opted for snaps. I may re position the snaps at the collar for this one as I prefer the way the collar looks on the first jacket.

 As for the pockets, I sewed pockets to each side of the coat. I did this by positioning each pocket exactly over each other and stitched from the taupe side and they turned out great


This pattern is a really simple sew. What surprised me is just how cute it looks on for being unstructured.

If you're looking for a quick something to make to satisfy your sewing urge, I highly recommend this pattern. My Sewing Class is very enthusiastic about making their own versions.

Next week , I have a special dress to show you that I made for a special occasion in my husband;s life. Please come back to have a look.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I like your new jacket and it being reversible is a bonus! Great job!

Arish said...

Muy bonita y te sienta de maravilla. BESICOS.

fiberfemme said...

I love this! When I saw the pattern I was so busy looking at the embellishments that I didn't even notice what beautiful lines it had. Thank you so much for the eye opener and I really like the collar the way it is on the second jacket, it really draws attention to your smiling face.

Vicki said...

Very cute jacket and looks like an easy sew. Certainly has lots of potential to make it unique.

Bonnie @ said...

Great jacket!

Nancy said...

I love the jackets-so professional. Did you adjust the front on your second jacket? In the pictures, it looks to me that the right-side bottom edge has been extended. By the way, you have an elegant style.

Sherril Monk said...

The jackets look great. I would never have considered the pattern but now I might have a look. So glad you are back.

Linda T said...

You look so cute in that reversible jacket! And someone is going to love and snatch up that red one for sure.

Alexandra said...

Lovely jackets, both of them! Lucky person who gets the red one.

Judith said...

Your jackets are sensational!

Ali said...
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Abbey Sews said...

What a beautiful jacket! Enjoy wearing it. Abbey Sews

Carole said...

It’s lovely to have found your blog again. I have really missed your regular reports of what you have been sewing. I started sewing again after a very long break and you have inspired me to not only get back into my usual simple projects but to push myself to try to be more adventurous. Love your makes which are always followed by clear construction methods. Many thanks and long may you continue.
Carole Porteous