Sunday, July 16, 2017

Vogue 8605 for A Retro Print and a Lounging Garment

I've had a long standing love affair with Vogue 8605 which is now out of print.

The first time I  made it about 8 years ago, I found it to have way too much ease so the versions I made subsequently were much closer fitting. I also changed the collar on most of them to a wing collar. Want to see all my versions? Click here.

Recently made jackets look like this linen one I made for my Fashion Show as the silent auction piece. My sister bought it because she loves everything I make and I wish I had taken a photo of her wearing it at the time !!! the fabric is a linen tweed which after washing and drying three times on a hot setting doesn't wrinkle at all. Thank you Sandra Betzina for that valuable hint many years ago.

This is all to show you my latest version of this favorite pattern  Voila ! A retro print housecoat ! I love it !!! Isn't it pretty ?

I added a front facing because this pattern requires a two sided fabric.

The fabric is a quilted look polyester from Fabricville.. I know ! It will be hot to wear but I couldn't resist it.It reminded me of a robe I had in 1968. Those were the days of the mini skirt and it was a mini.That was a long time ago and minis are no longer for me, LOL.

I really love the pockets in this pattern and I've used them on many fashion pieces through the years.
For this one I faced the inside of the pocket in a bright pink for interest.

 I hoped to find the same pink for buttons but that was not meant to be. I settled for these lovely clear ones .

I serged the seams on this piece rather than doing my usual Hong Kong finishes to save time.The whole thing was machine sewn including hems. It was a quick make and I absolutely love my new lounger. We're having a fairly cool summer here in the Maritimes so I've already worn it. It feels wonderful on.

This week I plan on making a new dress because I gave many of my old ones away to make room for new ones. i plan to use my Surefit Designs sloper to create it. i love doing pattern work so it will be a fun project.
 i hope you found time to sew and that you'll stop by to see me again.
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Coco said...

Beautiful beautiful...I want one!

Vicki said...

Gorgeous. I love my dressing gown (or house coat) and put it on as soon as I get home to keep me warm (its winter here). But is looking scruffy. Might have to look into making one if I could only find such cute fabric locally.

Dara Harper said...

BEAUTIFUL, Diana! It looks so comfortable!

Irene said...

What a wonderful robe! Looks very retro. The jacket pattern is really getting used to its full potential. (Must be the influence of all those Silhouette Patterns videos you've watched.)

Faye Lewis said...

It's gorgeous! I fell in love with that pattern way back when when some won a patter review contest with it. I had to have it, but of course have done nothing at all with it.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I love that you used a coat pattern to make a robe...and what a wonderful robe it is! Absolutely stunning!

Nancy K said...

I love the housecoat. It will be perfect for winter, if it's too hot now.

Roberta Mehta said...

I always loved this pattern, Diana, but didn't buy it. I'm really sorry now that I've seen your beautiful versions. Thanks for the wrinkle free linen tip!

Audrey said...

What a fabulous idea to use this pattern for a rob. it is so pretty!

shams said...

What a cute robe, Diana!! I've been meaning to make that pattern forever (it was also a great favorite among my local sewing peeps), so I should just get to it!