Sunday, June 11, 2017

A New Dress at Last

Blogging has taken a backseat to my charity sewing of late. I'm very busy sewing up a storm for my Summer Fashion Show / Sale so not much sewing for me . However , I did manage to eek out a new dress  that was suppose to be for Mother's Day.

Isn't it pretty !

The fabric is a stretch cotton sateen from Fabricville and the pattern is Diane's Wrap Dress by Silhouette Patterns.

 After watching Peggy'S Webcast of April.3rd , I was inspired to make my second dress using that pattern.

Since I had already made the pattern but in a knit,I cut this dress by adding 1/4" to the seam allowances and that worked out fine I think I achieved a really good fit. Thanks Peggy !

Now for the details  The only changes I made to the pattern happened by accident. I didn't have enough fabric to cut whole sleeves but I did mange to cut them in half. That gave me the idea to join them together with zippers and voila ! Aren't they so cute ?

I tried a zipper closure instead of the ties but I didn't like the result. I didn't like the ties either so I got the idea of using these buckles from my stash and I think that added just the contrast that this print needed. What do you think ?

On the inside , I used a frig-a-ma-jig  cut from a belt or something and that worked really well as well.

Oh . I changed the collar. I cut away the faux band that is part of the pattern and made it a couple of inches longer for this look.

It's a beautiful day here in the Maritimes and we haven't had many of those this spring so outdoor shots seemed the  way to go.

 I think this is the perfect church dress. I feel very prim and proper in it. Lol.

I have another dress to show you soon as well as some of my Fashion Show creations so do stop by again ! Have a great week  . I wish you fine weather.


CAN I said...

I am so glad you were able to spend some time on your inspiration dress... I liked that broadcast on the wrap dress too. Love your use of the zippers and such a nice pop of color. The closures are very cute and work well... I seek those types of items out since I don't like ties myself... no need of extra width where they fall. And I love the colors in your fabric. Thanks for sharing!

Bonnie @ said...

Love your fabric choice. Very nice dress, Classy! You look lovely!

Vicki said...

Very pretty dress! And clever idea with the zips.

sdBev said...

Beautiful fabric.

Summer Flies said...

It's a very nice dress. I love the 'partnerships'? I've never heard them called that.. I just call them buckles, either way I like it a lot. You are looking very smart and summery.

Jan Brown said...

You are a great inspiration, I love everything about the dress and hope you have many happy times wearing it.

PowerToolsWithThread said...

The zipper in the sleeve to make up for a lack of material is brilliant! And so on-trend right now. Love the choice of shoes to pull it all together. It looks great on you!

aguzman918 said...

Great dress - love the idea of the zippers - sewing gives us a canvas to get creative.

Margene Yeaton said...

Always excited to see what you've done. Lots of great ideas throughout this dress. You look FABULOUS!

MrShunarr said...

The dress sits very nice and the length is perfect!