Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sewing in Outfits....Three Green Pieces

This weeks outfit has taken a while to put together. Two years to be exact.

I bought the beautiful green wool challis print and the green stretch denim from Vogue The jeans got made quite quickly using my TNT jeans pattern. The shirt took a lot longer because I  guess I've gotten so use to wearing knits ,that a tailored shirt hasn't been on the top of my list of garments to sew until lately. I'll tell you about the cardigan later.

First the shirt. Isn't it gorgeous?

I love paisley and the colours in this fabric are so pretty.
The pattern is B6026 which I muslined and showed you a couple of weeks ago.
I have nothing new to add. Of course I had my three alterations done , (FBA, Sway Back and Rounded Upper Back ) so this was a quick sew.Here's a closer look at the "darts" detail details

For the skinny jeans, I have developed a well fitting pattern by combining the fit of Sandra Betzina's
V1034 with the dimensions of the lower portion of an OOp McCall's pattern.
The denim is two sided and I think the "right side" is the brighter green, but I preferred the darker side. I used a quilting cotton from my stash for pockets , facings, etc.
I'm really happy to finally be able to wear these. They've been waiting in my dresser all this time to be worn. Well, you know, I have a lot of clothes so....

I did all the top stitching in black and I like that effect.

Now about the cardigan. I love it !! And look! It's reversible!!!

The wool/cotton knit was bought at Sacre Coupons Saint Pierre  in Montmartre when I was in Paris in September .Isn't it fun?

The blue/grey side is wool and the green/cream is cotton. This was an excellent quality fabric . By matching each green stripe , pinning and hand basting the green side , the navy stripes automatically matched up perfectly

.As for the hem and all the flat felled seams , I spent hours separating the two layers of fabric which is stitched every half inch.. I cut away the navy side close to the stitching and then used Steam-a-Seam to fold the green side and then top stitched.  For the hem, I separated 2 1/2 " of the two sides , then folded in and  hand stitched the edge.

.It was quite a challenge to achieve facings and pockets that matched each side but that's just the kind of thing I love about sewing.

The pockets were great fun to create. I love the result .
 I had planned on having the zippered pockets on the navy side open into the green side but I chickened out and they are just deep enough for keys or a debit card.I love the effect though.

I do love pockets to put my hands into though and I love the ones on the green side.

For the facing, I serged the edge with matching thread and top stitched in place.

 I love all three pieces of this outfit. I can't wait to wear the green pieces..

The cardigan is perfect for March weather here, at least this year.

I've already worn the navy version like this and it was  agreat hit with my Sewing Group.

Which one do you prefer?  My husband couldn't decide when I asked him and I can't either.
This has been such a long picture heavy post that I'm pooped and I need a nap so , more later from


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Oh WOW Diana! Truly both are perfect. You did an awesome job on all the details.
Beautiful all around!!

Jenny said...

Those pockets are amazing! Beautifully done!

Robin said...

Love that Cardigan - and it's reversible too! It's a winner!

Lynn said...

What a great outfit! I love that you made it reversible. I made a similar cardigan recently (see it here: I did the seams in a similar way to you, so it can be reversible, but I haven't been able to figure out the pockets. You are in inspiration!

Faye Lewis said...

Great wardrobe pieces - love that stripe.

Faye Lewis said...

Looked for your email address but could not find it. Could you email me at fayedoll(at)cox(dot)com?

Andsewforth said...

Wow, what a fabulous 3 piece outfit. That fabric for the cardigan is stunning. Both sides are fabulous -- how nice that you have a choice. Can I ask what pattern you used for the cardigan? Janet

Amanda S. said...

Wow, Diana, great outfit! I especially love the reversible cardigan and the pocket treatment on both sides.

Margene Yeaton said...

So (sew) IMPRESSED! I like everything, all favorites. So glad I'm just getting back into sewing for myself and not at all intimidated by what you've done--well maybe just a bit--HA HA. I have a long way to go and thank you for all your inspiration. Beautifully done, everything fits and looks great on you. STYLE with the stripes has
sure caught my eye. Looking forward to what you do next.

Coco said...

Oh boy - Love them all! the stripe cardi is striking, how neat that it's reversible. And great job on those jeans...

Joyree said...

For me, I would love the navy/gray stripe. Both look great on you though. Is there a post somewhere in your past about those jeans? Those look great on you! The blouse is wonderful too! Can't believe you can learn ANYTHING from me, lol.
Hugs, Joy

sewingkm said...

I so enjoy your blog and this outfit is one of my favorites - such a versatile and interesting jacket. As usual your sewing is perfection! Karen

Sharon said...

Both, they look great on you! The colours of your blouse are so pretty and the fit is perfect. love how us sewers can choose what is the "right" side for our project and your jeans look amazing. Now the striped cardigan/jacket, this is amazing, such detailed work with amazing fabric.

Claire S. said...

Wow, Diana ! You always make pieces that look so great on you. I tried, but couldn't pick one - love them both :-)