Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sewing Friends are so Special

About five years ago, I decided to try to organize a sewing group to meet at our community hall which had just been renovated. Right from the start, I knew it was something that was needed and appreciated by the ladies who decided to join. It was to become a Winter Sewing Group to help pass those cold snowy days of January to March .

There have been some who have come and gone but most of this year's group have been with me since the beginning . I was a little hesitant to start this January because of the death of my friend Bev last summer in a freak accident. I knew she would be missed and I worried that it would be just too sad without her. In addition, my teacher friend Susan wasn't going to be there to help me as she was travelling all winter.  To my surprise, everyone seemed to get closer than before and of course, all were patient in waiting there turn for help. As well , the ladies helped each other whenever they could.

Here is a group picture taken at my house this past week when we got together for a meal .Most of the ladies are wearing something they've made during our sewing sessions.

Through the years, I've introduced many projects to my sewing friends; the infinity scarf, my own version of the turbie twist, ponchos, wraps, cardis, a topper developed from a favorite Vogue pattern  8605 , Silhouette Patterns" yoga pant from which I've drafted many personal copies  after taking careful measurements.and probably other things as well

Alexa brought many of the items sewn  during the five years.Here are a few.

Marion, who is a quilter, also loves to sew for her little grand-daughters and she and I are both very happy with her yoga pants because they fit her perfectly.

Jeannette and Linda are sisters and they like to sew things they can't find in  stores .


Ruth and Jeananne are also sisters and are very happy with this years projects. Ruth is proud of the fact that she managed to make her own bias tape for the Christmas apron she made

Who could resist taking a pick of the black and white Butterick cardigans that Alexa and Jeannette made. Joyce, like a few of the other women,  is wearing one of the infinity scarves which were a great hit this winter for the second time around.


We ended our sewing session with a wonderful afternoon, a nice meal of Chinese food which Ruth generously provided, wine,  desserts, a photo session and much good will. Winter is over and spring has arrived and we'll each go on to do our own thing knowing that winter will come again and we have Sewing Group to look forward to again next year! And I have to say that I really enjoyed our sewing time together, ladies!

Happy Sewing to all of you.
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sewingkm said...

How special that you organized your winter Sewing Group. Sewing is such a solitary sport/hobby so it's nice to share it with friends. I belong to a couple quilting groups but they are always open to viewing my me-made garments. Two gals knit and one paints so we are more than just quilters. It's all about sharing with like-minded creative people who appreciate our efforts.

Enid said...

Diana, How I envy all you ladies! It is so good to share the love of sewing and relish in the friendships too!
BTW, what a beautiful group of ladies you are!

Mrs. Smith said...

Very nice :)

I am lucky to be a part of a really great group of sewers here in Minneapolis! Invaluable!

Linda T said...

I agree - sewing sisters are the best!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

That is so cool! Thanks for sharing your group with us!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

So nice to see all the beautiful garments they made.
It certainly is a great way to spend the winter months.
Hope to see you soon :)

Vicki said...

What a great idea to have your classes during your cold winters. Something to look forward to.

Jean said...

Looks like a great group -- what a fun way to spend the winter months. Wonderful projects!

Sharon said...

What a lovely idea and your ladies all look very proud of their achievements.

I love my sewing groups I attend, they are so much fun and you can always learn something.