Friday, October 3, 2014

A Fall Coat for my Sister...Burda

Thanks to all who visited or left comments about my last post. I wanted to answer Susan's            question about fitting for the tummy area. If you send me an email, Susan,I would be glad to address that fairly easy to do alteration.

My sister had a milestone birthday last month and my gift to her was a jacket similar to this one of mine that she absolutely loved.

I found this fabric at Marci Tilton .com

and was about to order it but I was so excited to find it at Fabricville albeit at a much steeper price. It happened that there was a 50% off sale at Fabricville for two days and so I snapped it up. It has the same properties as my (above)jacket which is what my sister admired  most about it.As you can tell by the photo, it is a "quilted", fairly hefty textile that feels and looks  like a very soft cotton.

I had told my sis that I wasn't going to make her an identical jacket so I chose Burda  7072 View A.
I made a muslin , perfected the fit and I was on my way.

 It took me a week to achieve the end result and my sister loves it ( I think ).

 I had
planned to use the faux leather trim along the princess seam lines but these are placed so far to almost  the under arms that after trying that , I realized it was not a good look.I ended up, as you can see, trimming  the neckline ,center fronts and sleeves.

The bound buttonholes were made out of the faux.leather as well and  I added  leather buttons to complete the look.

Oh, but no! That's not all! I also added  a bit more leather trim on my self  my own self designed pockets.

My own jacket is unlined so I decided to do the same for this coat.Normally, I would add Hong Kong finishes to the inside seams of an unlined garment but there were so many seams in this coat that I decided to use a decorative ,variegated rayon  thread instead, Isn't it cool?

Notice the construction of the sleeves and under arms. They were not easy to achieve. Mine are not perfect but I think they are acceptable.


To add the faux leather trim, I cut bias strips which I sewed   to the outside , then wrapped around to the inside, pinned and then from the right side, I stitched in the ditch. Lastly, I trimmed close to the stitching line. This is not difficult to achieve .

So what do you think. Are the pockets "too much" ?

Helena really seems to love her coat. It ended up quite similar to mine, but  WHATEVER !

So now on to something easy before I start my Christmas sewing.
I hope you found time to sew this week and Happy Weekend Sewing!


Angela said...

Both these coats are just gorgeous! One of these days I would love to make my sister something that nice:)

Donna W said...

This coat for your sister is just awesome! Can I come and be your sister Color is great and the faux leather trim really goes with it. Very professional looking coat. I know she is pleased.

Mrs. Smith said...

Wow! It's fantastic! I don't think the pockets are too much. I think the textures are so fun together!

Sarah Liz said...

It may be good that the coat is similar to yours, especially as your sister loved it:) Both are beautiful coats. I love the extra faux leather touches - it adds an edge without being too much :)

Andrea said...

Oh Diana, such a nice sister you are! I had seen that fabric on MT's site and wondered about it. It looks fantastic made into the coat. The leather trim is great. Her smile says it all. :)

Tut said...

I just discovered your blog thanks to Pattern Review and I spent quite a few pleasant hours reading backwards in time. Besides the wonderful tips and instructions, I love how happy you look with your finished garments. That's why I sew, for the joy, as well as the things that are constructed.

A question: I am about to sew faux leather trim to a lightweight coat and I am curious about how you handled the turn from the neckline to going down the front edges. Did you miter the trim? Did you apply it to the front edges, cut it and then apply a separate piece for the neckline?

Thanks for sharing the info and the pleasures of sewing!!

Diana said...

This comment is for Tut. I'm not sure how to reach you. I tried the website you left but couldn't be sure it was you. Could you please leave me an Email address and I will be glad to respond .Thank you for visiting my blog.

Mary said...

The coats are both wonderful and I love the fact that you made one for your sister. Lucky sis!

shams said...

The coats are both beautiful! I've seen that cabled knit fabric around and it's nice to see it sewn up. I love the bold trim you've used on both!

The Sewing CPA said...

Your construction skills are just impeccable! The pockets definitely look great.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous coat for your sister, love the colour and she seems thrilled with it.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

You have a very lucky sister. Both coats are beautiful. The trim make them extra special.

Irene said...

What a gorgeous coat!