Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Sewing Goodies

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. In my area. we went from snowstorm to freezing rain storm and back again almost non stop for a week and many were without power for days at a time. We were extremely lucky to not be affected. More storms on the way and I hope we have a turn of no power rather than someone who already has experienced it.

My Christmas was wonderful because Tamara was home as well as my baby brother . That really made it just about perfect for my family. And having snow for Christmas was a real treat too.

No sewing here yet and I don't have my mind organized to write a real post featuring the  Christmas gifts I sewed but I wanted to show you what sewing things were under the tree for me . Just look at all this great loot!

All are from Namcy's Notions except the Football Tee which was bought by my dear Tamara at Walmart.

These are my two favorites

I've long coveted the magnetic wrist pin cushion and explaining to my DD about a football Tee holding up a tailor's ham was hilarious! She had no idea what a Tailor's Ham was but she did ask what I really wanted for Christmas!1

Today, we are alone for the first time since Christmas and I'm itching to start sewing and trying these out like the flexible ruler  and the Thread Heaven.

The Jean-a-majig (so exciting!) the 5 in 1 sliding gauge and Pocket Template

Oh and there's also a Bra Measuring Tape in there as well!

Who could ask for anything more? But I also received from DD two issues of Burda Style Magazine, from DH two adjustable wall lamps to give me better lighting when using my cutting table at night and a speaker for my laptop so I can hear the  Craftsy classes he bought me better.

I have to be the luckiest and happiest sewist in Canada today!

Here is a sampling of our White Christmas.

And this is what I wore for Christmas (blogged here ).

Happy New Year dear Readers. I wish you health and happiness in 2014.!


Linda T said...

Some great gifts to add to the sewing collection. The snow pics are beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful new year and I'm looking forward to seeing all the fun things you will create!

Vicki said...

You are going to have fun in the sewing room with all your goodies! Happy New Year!

twotoast said...

Ooooh! Lots of lovely treats! Happy New Year to you too!!

Sharon said...

What a lovely supply of sewing goodies you received and can understand your desire to get back in the sewing room. Oh to have a white Christmas, at least this year we didn't swelter thankfully it was around the 24c /75f temperature!

EmSewCrazy said...

Happy New Year to you as well! Looks like you got some lovely goodies! I'm also ready to delve into some personal sewing again!

Jean said...

Happy new year! Such nice gifts -- I didn't know about the football tee/ham stand (great idea)! The snow photos are just beautiful. It has been warm here in California so it doesn't even feel like winter. Enjoy your new toys!