Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PR Mini Wardrobe Contest.

Well ,I don't know if I'll have my pieces finished on time to qualify for the Pattern Review Mini Wardrobe Contest or not, (the deadline is Sept. 30) but here is my composite anyway.

My colour scheme is granite grey and cream.You have to make five pieces that all go together. One piece is suppose to be the "key" piece. I've been really undecided about this piece . Right now I think it will be the Silhouette wrap but that isn't written in stone.

 For the life of me ,I can't think what to call this wardrobe. Any ideas anyone?

I have three  pieces finished and a fourth half way finished. I'll show you Vogue 8819 tonight.

I love this piece but it was quite a challenge to make. I wish Vogue had given a cutting layout particularly for stripes. It would have saved a lot of headaches!

 The fabric is a pricey ($25 a meter but I got it for half price) medium weight polyester knit that drapes very well.

I made my usual FBA and added a bust dart.

 The front went together easily enough and the stripes matched up very well .

The back didn't pose any problem either.

BUT!! the stripes along the side seams just wouldn't or couldn't match up and I didn't have enough fabric left to try alternative cutting directions. OOOHHH!  That bugs me!!!...But I still love it.

I encountered two styling problems with this pattern.

First, the waist is too low. I shaved off 1/2 inch from the upper front and back pieces and that helped.

Second, the lower pieces were too flared out. I drew a line from the top of the lower front and back
pieces at the side seam  to 2" in from the side at the bottom. This shaved off 4" of the width and made the jacket fall straighter and that's a good thing.

I added three hook and eye closures to my cardi . That way,  the miter at the waist shows up well. That is the focus point after all.

I'm wearing it with a matching sleeveless striped top which is my own creation and which I was inspired to make when watching an old episode of Glee. That's all I'll say about it tonight though.

The pants are a favourite wide legged trouser which I've made a couple times before. The pattern is Simplicity4273.

Check back in later for more on my entries for the Pattern Review Mini Wardrobe Contest.Thanks for stopping by.

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marysews said...

I love the cardi! If I had known the stripes would do that, I would have connected the front and back pattern pieces before cutting it out.

Judith said...

This looks super on you...just love the stripes...

Оксана Титова said...

It looks great! The stripes are beautifully arranged - thanks for showing it!

Linda T said...

that cardi is a knockout with those stripes!

Irene said...

What a wonderful cardigan! Yes, stripes are a challenge, but you did a great job on matching them where it counts.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

How about "Written in Stone" or "The Granite Collection" see I'm much better at naming others collections than my own! *LOL*

The stripe match on the cardigan is just've made me put this pattern on my list. And I can't wait to see the sweater dress!

Joyce in NC said...

Let me say, you look so lovely in your new pieces!! The stripe match is fabulous and it really makes the front dramatic. I am eagerly awaiting the next piece. I'm sure your sweater dress will be lovely!

pdiddly said...

I just love the different directions of the stripes in this top - very artistic - looks great on you

Aminat said...

Wow this is lovely. You matched the stripe so well.

Evelyne said...

Love the striped cardi. It's going on my list of patterns to buy.

Edith Frost said...

Wow!! Fabulous and very flattering.

Summer Flies said...

That is a great look. I don't think anyone will notice those stripes at the side. That will be a lovely wardrobe; good luck.

Gail said...

I am so admiring of sewers who plan and deliver coordinated wardrobes. Love the striped jacket. I bought this pattern and it is part of my uncoordinated sewing plan!