Friday, May 18, 2012

My Diane's Wrap Dress (Silhouette Patterns)

Peggy Sagers of Silhouette Patterns drafts a lot of her patterns by copying designer pieces. For example her Trench Coat pattern is a copy of the Burberry trench. Giorgio's Top is a copy of an Armani top. The Diane Wrap Dress is a copy of a Diane Von Ferstenberg original.

I've always wanted a wrap dress. The one I made a couple of years ago made me look too chesty so I gave it away. This one doesn't have a waistline seam so I decided to give it a try.

I chose Size 2 for this one. Remember that sizes represent  the measurement of the finished garment in Silhouette Patterns and the measurements for size 2 gave me 4" at the bust  so that seemed safe.

I made a muslin and used the front side piece for a D cup. The only changes I had to make were as follows:

I curved in the waist 1/4 " on each side seam
I sloped the shoulders 1/4 "
I narrowed the shoulders about 1/4" as well
I narrowed the upper chest 1/2" by curving in the armscye to just above the notches both for front and back.

This is my dress.

The fabric is a weighty poly lycra. 
I only interfaced the collar and not the front facing which was the same pattern piece as the front of the dress.

The dressed is closed with ties at the left side 

and on the underside  there are suppose to be ties closing the right side as well.I chose to sew in the ditch on the right hand side rather than use ties and that worked well

One of the best things about this dress is that it does not gape, not at all. You don't have to fidget with the neckline or worry that you'll show too muck. Love that!

My garments don't get a lot of wear and tear so I chose to use Steam-a-Seam to finish the hem. If you give this product lots of steam and plenty of heat, it lasts very well.

I'm very happy with the fit of my wrap dress. I'm really appreciating Silhouette patterns and the way they are drafted. 

I've also just made the Yoga pant and they fit with only one  change. I raised the waist by one inch. ( They are white and the first thing I did when I put them on was to spill coffee on the front.)  

I'm looking forward to wearing my new dress to church this Sunday.

Well I hope you'll find time to sew this weekend.

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gwensews said...

That's a lovely dress. And it fits--what a plus! I like what PeggySagers is doing with her patterns and her webcasts.

Irene said...

Oh, what a wonderful dress, and you look so lovely in it. I have a few Silhouette patterns (jackets) and I'm somewhat hesitant to use them, because I'm afraid that they will require much adjustment to fit me. May-be it's time to stop being so lazy and chicken.

Lori said...

Gorgeous dress, thanks for reminding me about this pattern company. I really need to try some of her patterns.

SewBarbie said...

This dress is WOW on you!

Dilliander said...

Diana, this is fabulous. The non-gape neckline is very elegant and the fit perfect. It looks so lovely on.

Summer Flies said...

This is really lovely! I love the fabric and it really suits you.

Gail said...

You've done an amazing job. I've never heard of Silhouette and despite the attraction given how 'married'I am to a large pattern stash I am not going to flirt.

KID, MD said...

Lovely dress! I hadn't seen this pattern before. I'll have to give it a try. I love a well fitting wrap dress.

Cindy P said...

I love your dress. I have wanted to sew this pattern and now you have inspired me.

velosewer said...

That's really beautiful. I love using Steam a seam 2. I've been keeping an eye on Silhouette and want to try them one day.

pdiddly said...

Diana that dress looks fabulous - I hope you enjoyed wearing it today.

Sharon said...

Very smart,love the fit and it looks fantastic.

Audrey said...

How did I miss that dress pattern?. It is such a pretty dress and so flattering.