Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday is my BIG Sewing Day

I've probably mentioned the fact before that Wednesday is my guilt free sewing day and other than a quick tidy up of the house, sewing is all I do on that day.And do you know what else? I have popcorn ( a big bowl of it ) for dinner with a glass of wine. Isn't that decadent?

On Wednesdays, my husband goes to the city to do errands ,groceries,etc and to do chores for his sister who lives alone. So I'm left completely free!

I LOVE retirement!

Yesterday (being Wed.) I started early and using this pattern, McCall's 6164 View A which is the pink one

...and made this.

The fabric is rayon jersey. I usually avoid this knit because it is thin and readily shows all bumps and accentuates the bust too much. I really liked this swirly,tie-dyed print so I decided I would double the body of the top and that's just what I did.

How did I do this?

I should have left the shoulders open as in when lining a vest but I don't like the results of that method on knit fabric so I started out by sewing the shoulder seams of each layer and then joining the two backs and two fronts at the hemline.

As you see in the above illustration,I then joined the side seams of the two layers in one continuous seam.

The next step was to turn the whole thing right side out, and to pin the necklines together and to check that everything was smooth and it was so I took out the pins and from the armholes I reached in and re pinned the neckline from the wrong side.(This was easy to do) and sewed the two tops together at the neckline. After trimming the seam I pressed carefully,pinned the armholes together and top stitched the neckline.

The sleeves were then sewn as usual and serge finished.I ran a row of stitching at the bottom where the hem stitching would usually be. ( I sewed and stretched a little instead of using a twin needle as I didn't have much thread left).

Here is the top from the inside.

The shirring on the sleeves is formed by threading elastic through a casing in the seam allowance.

About my Full Bust Adjustment on this one. I spliced and spread the pattern an inch in the usual place about 4" below the underarm. But instead of adding a dart, I ran a row of stitching for about 4" and pulled in the threads to form a slight gather

I then sewed my side seams with the front down against the feed dogs and this is how it ended up.You can barely see the gathers!

I really love this top. It's fun and rather youthful but I think I'm OK with that.
Maybe my grand-daughter Jessica will like it and I'll make her one.

More picks here.

Hope you're having a nice weekend and that you got some nice relaxing sewing done!


Dilliander said...

Lovely top and lovely fabric. It looks great on too :-)

Irene said...

That's a very lovely top. We all need a little "youthful" in our wardrobes.

Lori said...

Very pretty top. Thanks for the information on the lining.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

It is so nice on you. I Love the fabric. I also have this pattern but just no time to sew at this time...but that will soon change.
I will have some news soon :)))

When my brain is not so exhausted I will re-read these lining instructions..I think I could use them :))

Aminat said...

Very lovely. Ireally love the fabric, and yes you Rock.........

Michelle said...

That top turned out great...I have this pattern, too, and I think I might have to break it out this week!

gwensews said...

That's a really pretty top. Love those sleeves! And, popcorn and wine sounds like a winning combo for dinner!

Ivalyn "Tee" Jones-Actie said...

Hi there, your top is very nice, thanks for the tutorial!

Anonymous said...

That's a gorgeous top! Love the fabric and thanks very much for the excellent pattern adjustment and sewing tips. :)

pdiddly said...


what a great idea to double the fabric and it really looks great on you - I am jealous that you get a day mid-week just to sew - my DM was due to be away from last night to this Friday on a course - I planned many sewing things for the evening - then he called at 4pm to say I am coming home - seems mean to be so disappointed especially as I do miss him when he is away – but of course I had to prepare meals, etc that wasn’t in my plan.

Might have to copy your idea on doubling the fabric – could have done with that for my Sandra Betzina top as the fabric is a little revealing with my lumps and bumps so have put a light cami on underneath.

Rosy said...

Oh, Lovely shirt, how good you have a free day to yourself! I envy you, lol.

KayY said...

Lucky you - a full weekday to sew! Nice top!

Sheila said...

Pretty top and thanks for your sewing tutorial.