Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Animal!!

I saw this fun ,a little furry and a little burnout fabric one day at Fabricville and I immediately thought it would be cute as a vest to go with the blue pieces I made in November and my navy pants as well as jeans.

A picture came to mind of a drapey collar somewhat like this one courtesy of Coldwater Creek.

and a soft finish rather than the firmly interfaced tailored kind of vest we used to wear.

I started out with this pattern from the 90's ( View ).

This piece was a real challenge! It took me a lot of pondering and experimenting before creating a collar that even remotely resembles the Coldwater Creek jacket.It's not perfect but I am satisfied with the results so here it is.

And a close-up of the collar treatmant. I stitched the collar on the outside across the back of the neck and left it open from the shoulder point.

After I was finished ,I realized that this Marci Tilton jacket had the desired collar and I could have used the front pattern piece to draft my collar because this is pretty much what I came up with

I lined it in a fun print and used hook closures. I think it looks good with jeans and this turtle neck top (which is a favorite of mine made years ago. I always get compliments on this every single time I wear it for whatever reason).

I don't have a lot of strength due to an on-going allergies related respiratory problem but I'm working on my coat a little at a time.I'm enjoying the different phases of coat construction very much.I'm hoping to post on the various steps this weekend but on my other blog.

Hope you have time to sew this weekend!


The Sewing Loft said...

What a fun vest, and it is very attractive on you!


Jenny said...

Fun! It seams very much "your style." It's great that we can see your style through the things you make. I just made the first vest my wardrobe has seen in a loooooong time. Something must be in the air.

gwensews said...

That's a wonderful vest! The color is fabulous!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Diana, it looks great on did a great job with the collar and your vest looks great with this top.

I was at Fabricville today..lots of new fabrics being put out :)

Hope you are feeling better.

Irene said...

Lovely vest! Looks so cozy.

Gail said...

Very nice. I love the original jacket design too.

SewBarbie said...

This looks very cute on you!

Audrey said...

What a lovely vest with its drapey collar and wonderful blue furry fabric. It looks great with jeans.

Jane M said...

It's the perfect vest for your jeans. Love that collar and fun fabric.