Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Little Red Jacket That's Going to Paris

Oh my! It's so hot! I'm working on a raincoat of sorts but it's not going well and I'm going to blame it on the 98 degrees and the high humidity we've had for this whole week.Enough already!

On the bright side, I did finish this little beauty.

The pattern is Vogue 1100 which I made last fall but but in a longer version.(Look here)

Here are the stats:

Fabric- a textured cotton in the yummiest red you ever saw.
Lining- a printed cotton voile in a happy fun print.
Buttons- gorgeous red buttons with a raised rope design.
Interfacing-lightweight Armo weft. (the fabric had enough weight that it didn't need anything heavier ).

The jacket went together very easily except at the bustline which was hard to ease in to the front center piece,thus a few puckers are visible but I'm not really a perfectionist so I let it go.

Here a few detail shots.

I love the collar!

I considered leaving out the back pleat but it turned out to be fine.

The turned back cuffs are really cute.

The lining really adds a nice touch doesn't it!

This is a key piece to my Paris wardrobe because I'm taking only red,white and navy pieces with a little black thrown in.That way ,I won't have to take as many shoes!

It's really very hard to know what to wear in Paris in the middle of September but I've decided to go with my summer clothes and to pack light. Wish me luck.That is such a hard thing for me to do!!!

My Dh just took this pick and got me giggling so excuse the silly expression on my face.

Look here for more pics.

The blue "raincoat is going much better now and I'm almost finished it so I'll be showing it to you early in the coming week.

I do hope you found time to sew this weekend!


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

This jacket will serve you well in Paris! It's beautiful and you've reminded me that this pattern is in my collection too!

Can't wait to see the raincoat!

Anonymous said...

Simply lovely and very stylish!!

Joyce in NC said...

The jacket is lovely. You also look lovely smiling at the camera. I hope you enjoy Paris.

KID, MD said...

SO cute!! It is very Paris, and that lining is super cute.

Digs said...

It looks wonderful! Love the design details, and the way you made it your own with the fun lining. Bon Voyage!

gwensews said...

That is gorgeous! The style and color are lovely. What is the deal with this horrid weather? I'm in Michigan. We've had a miserable, hot summer. Canada should not be so hot either. Ick!

Lori said...

Very pretty jacket.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Your jacket is beautiful! I love the fabric and the lining is perfect. I love printed linings.

Have a wonderful trip!

The Sewing Loft said...

I love your red jacket! That pattern is lucking around my sewing room, I must get it out and do something with it.


Anonymous said...

Diana ...your jacket is just beautiful and you look stunning in it, too. Enjoy Paris (after all, what's not to love about Paris?!?).

Barbara at Cat Fur Studio said...

So gorgeous! You did a great job with the jacket, and the lining (and your joy in wearing it) makes it pop.

marysews said...

That jacket turned out really pretty! I think it's really sweet that your DH can get you a-giggling!

Gail said...

Very smart jacket. It will work well with so many colour combinations.

Vicki said...

Cute. The lining is especially cute. Paris sounds perfect :))

Chris said...

Love the jacket! You'll be a standout in Paris.

Jenny said...

Beautiful jacket, as always! Very stylish for Paris.

Linda T said...

Fabulous jacket. I'm such a sucker for red! It looks wonderful on you too! Enjoy your trip(s).