Thursday, February 19, 2009

President Obama is Here

Oh my goodness!. Mr. Obama is visiting my country and I'm so excited to see him in our nation's capital! I've been watching for two hours and saw him when he arrived on Parliament Hill graciously excuse himself from the Prime Minister in order to go wave at the people who had gathered to get a peek at him.

What a guy! His smile lights up the space he occupies and he has truly reawakened my appreciation for America and Americans.

I'm afraid to miss anything so I've got to get back to the TV.

No sewing going on here today!


Dressed to a "Tee" said...

Wow! I know what you mean! I couldn't tear myself away from the Inauguration!

Aminat said...

Diana, I am sure every news station here will show him through out today. I really miss this....ohoho I am still at work. I will catch up when I get home today God's willing.

alethia said...

I know exactly what you mean. He is truly awesome and I am proud that he represents America with such class and distinction.

I took the time today to read your all your postings. I love your sense of style and everything you sew. You love skirts and so do I.

I hope that the great one gives you many, many more years of sewing and looking fabulous.