Friday, August 8, 2008

My Sewing Room in Action

My sewing room turns into a disaster area within 20 minutes of serious sewing! No matter how little time I spend in there, it soon looks like a tornado hit it full force. Myhusband described it best one day when he looked in to see what I was doing. "It looks more like a workshop in here than a mere sewing room" I think I like the idea of a sewing workshop.It sort of validates all the time I spend in it.It gives more meaning to what I sometimes regard as a frivolous passtime. After all, I could be spending my retirement doing good works,like volunteering,etc.But no ,all I want to do is sew! Oh that reminds me of that Don Henley song,"All she Wants to do is Dance" Actually. that songs describes how I use to be in my younger years. Oh,and now I wonder if the years have made me wiser or just plain frivolous!!! Oh dear! Enough of that. Here are the pictures of my sewing wwwroom in action.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

There is nothing wrong with wanting to sew "and" having the time to do it! Go for it, you deserve it :)

Nancy Smith said...

Hi Diana - your Sew Passionista site is great - what a good job setting it up. You really do like coats! Enjoyed seeing your many projects - you are a pro! Keep up the good work - I will be checking in often to see your latest tips and projects.